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I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista

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    Merry Xmas Jimbo - and everyone.

    There is always a last minute rush to buy presents.

    Some of those will be laptops.

    You can only think about Apple if you have $1200 to spend.

    If you have less than that - the machine you get has windows on it . Period.

    That is why there were people buying windows laptops. They have no choice.

    Vista was much reviled (for different reasons ) - yet plenty of people bought machines with Vista on them.

    They put up with it because that was all they could buy.

    I am sure some of the oem devices look quite attractive, and they are in most shoppers price range - nothing to do with people actively choosing win8.

    What surprised me was how empty the "Fruit Company" stands were -- almost nobody was buying apple laptops but the cheaper end of the laptop market was extremely busy with adequately specced laptops (not Netbooks BTW) just flying off the shelves.

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    "I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista"
    As Vista over time became the excellent w7, maybe w8 will evolve into something worthy, so there is hope?
    May MS be damned for trying to force the metro stuff down everyone's throats, for the moment I see w8 as a 'Jack of many trades, master of none', although with Classic Shell (or any other start program) added it's doing fine as a w7 alternative, but then one may just as well stay with w7 and wait for w9.
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    The ONLY thing Win8 offers over Win7 is a slightly improved CPU scheduler that has better support for the AMD FX processors. Win8's scheduler will allow these things to go to their max turbo properly (Win7 won't). Metro apps and the new UI are absolute 100% garbage. Basically, noone is buying Windows Phone because it's terrible, so Microsoft figures they will get people "used to it" by forcing its UI on desktop PC's, so they will just "deal with" Windows Phone instead of FAR more advanced and better solutions like Android.

    Use Start8 or something to get rid of the "Metro" start screen and add a start button back, use gpedit to remove the lock screen, uninstall all of those stupid Metro apps and hide the "store" somewhere (the only one you can't remove), and it's useable. That basically just makes it Win7. Too bad there isn't a way to stick the Win8 CPU scheduler on Win7, that would be perfect.
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    I was in Selfridges today. It was very busy.

    It is worse than I thought.

    The windows section was by far the quietest in the whole store.

    I was there about 20 mins. The Apple section had lots of interest. Just one couple approached a windows machine.

    I asked: Do you like windows?

    The reply: We used to have windows, now we have Apple, it's really better. ( They were Italian).

    They moved on, leaving the windows area completely empty again.

    I chatted to the sales guy. He said it's not as bad as it seems, we will sell more windows laptops than Apple laptops.

    Of course they will - the cheapest Apple laptop I spotted there today was 1000.
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    The title of this tread should be. "I believe Win 8 is going to be another Chernobyl"
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    The ordinary customer will never choose an OS. He or she buys a device and this device is partly defined by the UI appearing on the screen.
    Today you buy a laptop or a tablet -whatever- with pre-installed OS and this OS is supposed to stay as is until the end of the life of the device (freee upgrade nothwithstanding)
    There is no separation of the OS and the device (save for desktop PC sometimes, when the buyer is a coinaisseur). So in reality nobody buys W8. Poeple buy devices.
    All new laptop have Metro Start Screen, so the Metro Start Screen is a sign that the computer is new. And in a few years it will be a sign that it was from a certain generation (2013~2014).
    I do this connection myself. When someone shows me his/her laptop I can tell them which year they bought it whether it's XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
    Every year a new device, every year a new OS to come with the new device. That sells better. (at least when there are no conceptual blunder as in w8.)
    That's why telling that W8 is doing well (or bad) is irrelevant. One must say "Dell laptops are doing well" because poeple want to buy Dell Laptops.
    Microsoft is still presenting the sales of w8 as if they were still selling the OS installation discs/licenses directly to end users which is false. If you take licenses, sold separately from any device or upgrade from pre-existant OS, I'm sure you can count them on the fingers of one hand.
    Quote Originally Posted by molebo
    The title of this tread should be. "I believe Win 8 is going to be another Chernobyl"
    No this thread should be called "I believe Win 8 is going to be far aorse than Vista". But such a thread exists already and has reached the record page number of 157.
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    From the article

    Quote Originally Posted by 4wd View Post
    "To put that in perspective, Windows 7 gained more than twice the share through Dec. 22 than did Windows 8."
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    One also needs to remember that this was fully 1 year before the start of the worst financial crisis since the great depression, which we still have not fully climbed out of.

    So duh. Yeah.

    Also, the article talks about percentage of PC's... The total number of PC's is a lot larger today than it was in 2007. That means it takes more PC's sold to equal the same percentage.

    So it's a double whammy. As they say, there lies, damn lies, and statistics.
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    People certainly are resistant to change. They will say anything rather than admit the plain truth staring them in the face. Namely that it's dead in the water. In fact it's been dead so long it's high time to bury it to stop the stink!

    A lot of the disagreements are simply egos bumping heads.
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I believe Win 8 is going to be another Windows Vista
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