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Windows 7 Or Windows 8 for laptop

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    Windows 7 Or Windows 8 for laptop

    My wife has got a laptop with Windows Vista. I hate that oprating system so want to upgrade it.I have Windows 7 on my PC and like it a lot.Would it be better to get version 7, or 8 as an upgrade.The laptop has no touchscreen options.I have never seen Windows 8 working, but it is not something i would consider upgrading from windows 7.
    Thanks in advance
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    I went with Windows 8 Pro with Media Center APP on an old HP added a SSD and with Windows 8 it boots in 15 seconds and its an old dv9230us just make sure all your drivers are available in W-8 and enjoy. Run the W-8 compatibility assistant of the W-8 site.
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    Hi Gavin, welcome to the forums, I would suggest you to create a partition in Vista laptop, download this 90 days evaluation copy and experience it for a while and decide for yourself. You don't need a touch screen to operate Windows 8( I don't have but happy).
    Download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation
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    win8.1.1 enterprise

    my wife's laptop has Vista also,,I hate it too , it works great ,but its her laptop not mine,so I will leave it alone, I use win8 mostly , win7 sometimes
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    Thank you for the replies.I am downloading the evaluation copy.
    Caperjack, it did seem from my post that i was just changing it for myself.The fact is, it was an OEM copy that wants to put 100gigs of rubbish on that no one needs, and she was complaining about how slow it was, so i suggested we try windows 7, but 8 is cheaper, and all she ever does is facebook on it. I will also look at an SSD now they are fairly cheap
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    I think the Enterprise Eval is your best bet at this point. Love it or hate it, you'll have long enough to play with it to be sure. I've become somewhat attached to 8 on my Wife's laptop, but 7 runs just fine on mine (a couple years older than hers).
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    Windows Server 2012 Standard w/Hyper-V

    Don't partition! Use VHD instead:
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    win8.1.1 enterprise

    Quote Originally Posted by Gavin View Post
    OEM copy that wants to put 100gigs of rubbish on that no one needs, and she was complaining about how slow it was,
    cant disagree with that ,I removed it all the day I bought the laptop .
    I use win8 and will suggest that as the best choice ,for speed and ease of use [I should get lots of comments for the use of the word ease ]
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Given the choice between 7 or 8 on a laptop: Windows 8.

    It's simply optimized for battery powered PCs from I believe parking the CPU and using less system resources overall to a refined DWM graphics module. It'll definitely put a kick in the pants of that vista PC!
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    i want to disagree about win8, because it wont give you extra hour of battery life or something like that, max plus few minutes, plus windows 7 would be better, cause its more optimized, much less bugs and other bad stuff, and you can optimize win7 for long battery life too. Another thing, if laptop came with vista - its OLD laptop, then it probably 99,9% wont have specific drivers for hotkeys and so on, cause i have laptop, which is win7 compatible, but it doesnt have any specific win8 drivers.
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Windows 7 Or Windows 8 for laptop
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