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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanzanos View Post
    I was warned by students not to bother posting in win 8 forums because any negative criticism is not accepted. I feel like i have entered into some fanatic church!

    Enjoy your win8 I am sticking with win 7 + Classic Shell. Also I do not want to turn my PC into a tablet nor a smartphone. Win 8 with smartphones and Tablets will be OK but with PCs? No way! The majority of the PC users worldwide will stick with 7.

    You can STILL USE Classic Shell in Windows 8.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanzanos View Post
    Enjoy your win8 I am sticking with win 7 + Classic Shell.
    Use whatever works for you. For me, Windows 8 on my desktop has increased my productivity and I get work done a lot faster than on 7.
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    thanks pparks1, this is the best description I have gotten until now....
    All of the items below are important to me
    It's just the GUI itself does not appeal to me at all... I don't see it as an improvement. I think that without a touch screen, Windows 8 is a step backwords... and they could have improved Win 7 with a new service pack.
    THe visual aspect of the OS is laughable.... I have finally some sympathy for those arrogant, smug Mac and Linux users... I actually use those OSes too, but until now preferred Windows, due to available software and customisability (new English word, but I'm sure you get it). Microsoft, what have you done? You had the chance to bring something TOTALLY new. But as usual blew it. Back to BASIC, is it? (excuse the pun)

    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Lot's of new features under the hood.
    1). Faster hybrid boot
    2). Native mounting of ISO files
    3). Much better chkdsk
    4). Built in Hyper-V client
    5). Storage Spaces
    6). Built in AV, deeper integration to prevent malware
    7). Better dual monitor support

    The real kick in the balls is having to use the new UI, deal with crap like the charms bar, and accept the ugly as hell 2D non-aero look. A few people really love these changes, but I think the overwhelming majority don't necessarily care for them.
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    Microsoft, what have you done?
    They have produced something which suits Microsoft.
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Difference Between Windows 7 and 8
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