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How's everyones Windows 8 experience going?

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    Great, even I don't use touchscreen, the Start Screen experience is just great. 50% of my time using my laptop is on the Start Screen to play games.

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    Windows 8 Pro

    So far so good.

    I like it. I have noticed a couple of small weird things but nothing major.
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    Windows 8.1 Professional Update 1 x64, Arch Linux

    The monitor went wild after I clicked the "Auto OK" button on it, it normally gives me best resolution but this time the display was shifted to the corner of screen making half of it invisible
    Then I reinstalled windows 8, still same, installed windows 7, still same then I thought why not get the monitor back to its Factory settings? I applied monitor factory settings and everything went back to normal..
    Then reinstalled Windows 8.
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    Upgraded from Win 7 on my desktop. So far I really like Win 8 for many of the reasons already mentioned. However, there is one point that I haven't seen mentioned in this thread (unless I somehow missed it). Using Win 8 with a touchscreen monitor (or at least a Touch Pad like the Logitech 650) makes a big difference in my opinion. I purchased the 23" Acer T232HL touch screen monitor soon after I upgraded to Win 8. Some argue that using a large touch screen is negative for a number of reasons. However, I have found this not to be the case for me personally. The touch screen has been a big positive for me. The learning curve was quick and I am able to navigate using a combination of touch screen, mouse and keyboard pretty instinctively at this point.
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    I upgraded from Win7 and I love it! I find it more stable than Win7 and I love the faster boot.

    The only painful experience was the upgrade; however, several non-Windows-related factors contributed to that: Laptop is about 5 years old and it wasn't officially supported as upgradeable by the vendor, so I had several things to work out on my own. In the end, I persevered and was successful.

    I don't know what the fuss is by a lot of people out there regarding the UI change from Win7. Personally, right now, I don't have a tablet or touchscreen, so the Modern UI is of little use to me. Thus, I spend most of my time in the traditional Desktop mode. With the exception of the missing Start button, you can't even tell you're in Win8, so I give kudos to MS for making the transition very seamless!

    And you know what? If you're so in love with that Start button, we all know there are tons of utilities that will bring it back so, again, what's the issue?!

    In the new year I will be buying a Surface Pro tablet and can't wait to fully start using and enjoying the Win8 apps!
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    Win 7 / Win 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
    I am able to run W8 in what I call Win7 mode, with Metro totally disabled...
    How did you disable Metro?
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    Win 7 / Win 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Makeitso View Post
    I went from Vista 64 to Windows 8 64. Yeah I am a happy camper
    I would think Vista to anything else would make one happy.
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    I'm trying to downgrade....
    I'm not using the metro screen, and i can't run several programs....
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    Win 7 / Win 8

    I played with Windows 8 for about a week. Initially I didn't like the way it almost coerced me into getting an online Microsoft account.

    I find that I like all of the "under the hood" improvements (performance, etc) versus older versions of Windows, but I'm not warming up to the Metro UI for a non-touch screen. After installing my favorite programs and making start menu "blocks" for them, clicking on them swaps me to the desktop mode and runs it there. When I'm done with the app, there I sit in desktop mode. If I want to go back to the start screen, I have to perform some action to do so (there are a couple of different means). Overall, I find this quite clunky from a usability perspective. If I keep my favorite programs as icons on the task bar in desktop mode, I can operate much more efficiently. If my primary apps worked in Metro mode, this might not be as much of an issue.

    As far as the Metro UI is concerned, it's kind of cool from a novelty perspective. But after awhile, I get quite weary from having to swipe my mouse all the way to one of the corners to do something to maintain my environment. RSI sufferers must love it. My laptop has a touch pad which allows for multitouch gestures, which I think is a must for all of the horizontal panning you need to do in Metro. However, I found that some apps I downloaded for fun in Metro didn't "listen" to the horizontal motion and I had to resort to using the mouse or traditional touch/click on the pad to do the horizontal panning, which was very tedious. Also, a few apps I played with, compared to their desktop versions, seemed more limited in flexibility. And some just wanted to tie me closer into Microsoft services.

    Ultimately, I ended up getting an add-on (start8 in my case) to give me a start menu on the desktop screen, and to allow me to default to desktop mode. So I now run Windows 8 in desktop mode (or "windows 7 mode" as one poster put it) virtually all the time. I find it much more efficient to use. I very rarely go to Metro to tinker for amusement, but quickly get bored with it and go back to getting things done on the desktop.

    One other thing to consider is attached hardware. Probably not an issue for most people, but I have a couple of somewhat older HP laser printers on my network. Windows 7 has drivers for them, but Windows 8 does not.

    I've read through most of the posts here already and those who articulate what they like about Windows 8 usually indicate something about performance. In my opinion, Microsoft could have just as well made these under-the-hood improvements to Windows 7 and made a Windows 7.1. I don't think I've read a single comment from anyone anywhere that they found that the Metro UI was easier to use and more productive on a desktop or laptop (non-touch) versus a Windows desktop mode. The only UI comments seem to be some form of "I think it's cool". Humans can get used to anything with repeated use. I think I saw another post on this forum somewhere showing the striking similarity between Windows 8 Metro and a 1996 AOL user interface. Too funny.
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    getting used to 8

    I have upgraded two pc's to 8 pro, one was the cheap online from xp staying with 32 bit, and the other was the store bought dvd's allowing 64 bit from xp. I find it quite enjoyable learning how to use 8. I also run win 7 which I would not want to upgrade to 8. I think that would stick with win 7 if I only had one pc but it's a worthwile upgrade from xp or vista. Even without a touchscreen 8 is not bad and the more I use it the better it gets. The lack of a start control can be fixed if you must have it.
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How's everyones Windows 8 experience going?
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