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Displaying folder extensions?

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    I'm not sure if this is still ongoing, but any folder can have a name.xxxxxx for a name. Anything after the dot is treated like an extension on a filename. So you can have Bob.001, Bob.002, Bob.home as FOLDER Names. I run Win8, and it will suddenly drop everything after the dot, so you wind up with three folders named Bob. If you have a space or underscore instead of a dot, this will not occur. I could never find a cause, it appears random. I did a restore to a few days earlier, and the issue cleared up - until it came back a few weeks later. If you do a DOS dir list, everything looks fine, it only shows up in Win (File) Explorer. If you check the folder properties, the full name is there and the folder type is listed as .XXX, with xxx being whatever is listed after the dot. If it is a network folder, the listing appears correctly when viewed from a different PC.

    I know this doesn't help solve the problem, but it was correctly identified. BTW, changing the view file extension setting does not affect the folder view at all.

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    test 2009 contacts (2013_01_20 23_10_21 UTC) this is how mine look with the ()!
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Displaying folder extensions?
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