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    Quote Originally Posted by whs View Post
    Ask someone how much 143 minus 87 is. Then you know whether that person got smarter.
    Duh! Is it 21?

    Good call whs!

    A psychiatrist once said: We spend years and years learning reading, writing and arithmetic. All of which does us absolutely no good at all in a locked ward!

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    I wouldn't say it's made us smarter or dumber. To say technology has altered his we look at and view our world is probably a more accurate statement.
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    Ok. This went around the world once. Wow! I didn't expect so many answers and a good variety of them. Some answered just in the realm of electronics, but remember it entails all technology. Here's my answer for all it's worth.

    Ultimately we don't need most technology, but in a lot of ways we have become dependent on it. Some religious sects, such as the Amish and others, have proven that we don't need most technology. Using technology and seeking for new technology has always and will continue to expand our knowledge. We went from stone age, to iron age, to middle age, to te Renaissance, to the industrial age, to the chemical age, to electronic computer age. It has benefited mankind tremendously, especially the latter three. Annihilating some diseases to name one. We live longer do to medical advances, such with MRI, ultrasound, drugs, robotic surgery, etc. This post as means of communication, smart phones, space exploration, information at our fingertips via the internet, etc. If we desire to live in a modern society are we are dependent on it. We can choose to live in a cave if we want. The choice is always there. Basically all the technology we need is shelter, fire, cooking utensils (especially a knife), and a spear. All this can be made from natural materials.

    Wisdom, however, is a different story. I don't think it has made mankind any wiser, for we continue to seek new technology to annihilate people. For one to conquer another has existed too long. Not until this is eradicated will we become wiser IMO.
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Your Opinion: Technology
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