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    As others have said, Real Work can vary.

    My Real Work home and at work consists of 3, 5 even 8 windows open at once on two monitors. If your Real Work can take place entirely in a single window then metro will work fine, but for most situations I can think of, especially inthe production space, not at all. Alt-tabbing all day is not going to cut it. And a metro only tablet? Well if real work consists of answering email or doing minor "Office" work then your golden, otherwise..

    The Metro interface was designed almost exclusively for content consumption with virtually nothing given over to production. While the Win 8 desktop can still be used for more complex multi-window tasks, those of us that need that question why we need to deal with Metro at all. Or rather why we can't metro in an appropriately limited screen area as we /may/ be developing there. A great example is web development where you want to see how it works side by side in 2, 3 or 4 browsers at once, INCLUDING IE10 or FF metro!

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    Who said anything about Metro? The question was about Windows 8. And you can most certainly have multiple windows open in Windows 8.
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    Ok, I've been waiting to post this, totally irrelevant but funny. Here it goes!

    Real work on a PC means at the end of the day, you can turn to someone and look at them dead in the face and mutter, " 'merica" and walk away into the sunset.

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    Real work means the creation of high complexity content that does not already exist. Since Windows RT has most of MS office (excel, word, powerpoint), it CAN be used of real work, if that real work is done in office. The potential of Windows RT ends as soon as you need to do something besides use MS office. Video encoding is real work. Code compiling is real work. Data entry is real work. Photoshopping is real work. CAD is real work. LaTeX writing is real work. All things that cannot be done well in metro and/or Windows RT in their current state.
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    The term "Real Work" was brought up and it has nearly always been used to point out that Metro CANNOT become the defacto windows interface because Real Work cannot (largely) be done there. That's why Metro was brought up.

    OR COURSE windows 8 desktop can be used to do Real Work as always. The term Real Work is used as an example to those that would champion the desktops complete removal (and there have been quite a few).
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    It would be possible, although application design would have to improve, and the OS itself would have to change (you'd need to be able to run multiple modern applications at once, for instance). The desktop could die, and that would be fine, but the new interface will have to evolve and improve before we could really consider that a viable option.
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    Real work is difficult to define because as with anything everyone sees things differently. Real work is what you want to believe to be real work. I've designed stuff that I was not paid for, for my own sake. I consider that real work.
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'Real Work'
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