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I think I found something.

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    I think I found something.

    I'm visiting my cousin this weekend and staying at his house. I just woke up and it seems that he's not here. I tried to find his computer and I found this netbook.
    Turned it on, but it prompted me for a password. I tried some gibberish, but now it gave me an error. I don't even know what OS this is. But, knowing that my cousin works at Microsoft gave me an idea... You know. Windows 8?

    It even has some weird version of internet explorer. Seems like all it's functions have been cut away.

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    He got home now, but he'll be going away in an hour. I'll take some more screenshots.
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    Hate to say this dumfuu but it looks like the Windows 8 concept ,I may be wrong , Welcome to the forums
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    Awesomeness can you leak it or post more screen shots
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    Just a word of advice, don't burn your bridges for a few moments in the spotlight.
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    Not burning any bridges. One problem. I'm not at my cousin's house any more. Maybe i'll visit him soon again. It's not that far.
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    Interesting to say the least... thanks for sharing

    if it is Windows 8.. or a concept of Windows 8.

    Might also be some heavy customization as well
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    Wait, if you think that is Windows 8, you shouldn't put it on because Microsoft haven't said anything yet, you can get into trouble. But anyways it looks nice.
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    Today, I found something. So you can see the screenshot has no taskbar right? In deviantART, I found an app that can help you hide taskbar. I'm not being rude or something, but Maybe he use that I trick us.
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    Those on-screen instructions are quite clear and different from the usual lockout menu prompt. The file name it mentions and wdev... developer? curious, no results on those in Google though.
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I think I found something.
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