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Backup DVDs still not delivered?

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    Backup DVDs still not delivered?

    I ordered backup DVDs on 11/11, but they still haven't delivered to my mailbox. In my email, it says they have shipped via USPS. There is no tracking number, though.

    Is this just due to hurricane Sandy perhaps?

    Looks like I'm not alone at least

    I not recived My backup dvd of Windows 8 Pro yet - Microsoft Community

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    If you are waiting for it - why not just run off your own?

    If you still have the hidden ESD folder on your drive, it is quite easy.
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    Nope not got mine yet either:-(
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    Took 3 weeks for me, and a few complaints on net, and by phone. They eventually turned up a day after a call to Microsoft.
    A cheapie plain blue sampler-style cd cardboard open out booklet style case with 2 discs in. 32 and 64.
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    I d/l 8 on 11/4. the email said I should receive the CD in 3 or 4 days.
    On 11/20, I called Micro Soft, and they said they will send another CD Second day air.
    On 11-21, I received the one I ordered on 11/4, and the second one should be here on the 27th,
    according to the e-mail they sent.

    So call MS, and complain, and they will send U another one.
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    Hi girux28,

    My email said (Order dispatched 7/Nov/ 2012) expect in 5 to 7 days.
    it arrived yesterday (22 Nov 2012).
    I contacted Microfoft on 21 Nov (Chat direct) text) Answer was, due to
    larger that expected demand expect in (15 to 18 days)
    he gave my a number to contact if it did not arrive within 7 days
    of ower text call. (Microsoft Customer support 0800 026 0329).
    There are two DVD's 32 bit and 64 bit.

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    Can you have a look and see if there an install.wim, or an install.esd in the sources directory on those dvd,s. ?

    If there is a wim - then it might be worth buying them - if you can't get hold of the msdn isos's.

    Shame they don't come in a pretty box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil K View Post
    Took 3 weeks for me, and a few complaints on net, and by phone. They eventually turned up a day after a call to Microsoft.
    A cheapie plain blue sampler-style cd cardboard open out booklet style case with 2 discs in. 32 and 64.
    glad to know that it comes with a separate 64 disk.
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    Now nearly 3 weeks since I ordered back up DVD and still nothing. Checked the order and they say it was dispatched two days after ordering. I've just emailed Microsoft to ask what is happening.
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    It's the US Mail system. Slow does not say enough. I ordered something that was shipped DHL to USPS. Shipped from NJ and I'm in Georgia. It got to the DHL site in Georgia in 2 days then turned over to the US Postal service. Took another Week for it to go about 10 miles.
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Backup DVDs still not delivered?
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