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On (Almost) Using Only the Desktop

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    On Using Win8 Mostly Like Win7

    Hi All:

    There is a great deal of discussion about Win7 versus Win8; not liking the Win8 "style;" missing the Win7-style Orb/Start Menu etc., the inefficiency of Win8, etc., etc., etc.

    Personally, I am uninterested in the Win8 "style," and, unless just playing around or satisfying my goal mentioned below, I would like to never see it. I am not interested in it because I think there are better, including more efficient, ways of getting the things I want to do done.

    So, in setting up Win8, my goal has been to use Win8 more or less the way I use Win7. Doing so isn't a very big deal. What I have done is totally simple, although I am not completely done with the process. Here are the things I have done, or will do, in accomplishing my goal:

    1. I changed my login to employ a local account rather than to sign in to an MS account (i.e., go Charm Bar Settings > Change PC Settings > Users > Switch to a local account, etc.). In general, I am not interested in starting with a username and password that reaches out to cyberspace.;

    2. I created a folder called Apps. This folder contains shortcuts to all apps I might want to access quickly. To get the shortcuts, I went Charm Bar > Search--which brings up "Apps" (as defined implicitly by Win8). Right clicking on an app not part of Metro allowed me to "Open File Location" for the app and make a shortcut to place in the Apps folder. In this regard, the term "App" includes things like Control Panel and Help and Support. Finally, by right clicking on the Task Bar, I created a new Toolbar for the Apps folder. Opening the Apps toolbar brings up a list of apps, etc., that is reminiscent of what is shown in the start menu of, for example, Win7.;

    3. The next specific thing I did probably will not apply exactly to you. I also am a Mac user so I have an iCloud account. I use this account for email, contacts, reminders, calendar, find my iPhone, and notes. This step can, of course, be accomplished in whole, part, or ways beyond using other logins--e.g., My Yahoo.;

    4. The above step is part of the way I work and play on a computer in general. I usually have a number of default tabs open in Chrome (which I am using in Win8), including iCloud on a Win machine. These tabs way more than cover the waterfront when it comes to the kinds on info-related features given, or potentially given, by Metro (e.g., weather, markets, etc.). I like Chrome better than the new IE.;

    5. As I always have done, I use the full array of desktop icons--User's Files, Control Panel, Network, Computer, and Recycle Bin.; and

    6. In the future, I will make some modifications deemed important using this tutorial: Power User Tasks Menu (Win + X) - Edit in Windows 8.

    Please understand that I know I have done nothing earth shaking. I am just providing some food for thought in the interest of helping some who might see what I am doing as a path to liking Win8 more and not missing the feel of Win7, for example, so much.

    If you have other thoughts about using Win8 pretty much as Win7, then please chime in. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am attempting to accomplish my goal without using third party software such as Stardock Start 8 and Classic Shell.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. And, happy Win 8ing.

    Edit: Oops, I meant to change the subject of this post to: On Using Win8 Mostly Like Win7."

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    I'm confused. You say you have no interest in going out to the cloud as soon as you log in, but the very first thing you do Is install iCloud and... go out to the cloud...

    Seems a bit at odds with your philosophy...
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    Yes, you are right. I wasn't thinking when I started using iCloud the purposes mentioned. Good point. Normally, I don't use iCloud since the things I mentioned are available otherwise in OS X. Indeed, the only reason I truly value iCloud on a Mac is for sync purposes. I don't care about syncing on my PCs, but that's another story. Syncing would be a good reason to use the MS login.

    Edit: To clarify, the reason logging on to iCloud under my philosophy is a problem is that the login password is the Apple ID. Maybe, I'll change to my My Yahoo account for email, calendar, etc., when using Win8. Anyway, one can always choose an online mail program, etc., that doesn't require use of either an Apple ID or an MS ID.
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    It sounds like you're using the Start Screen just like a visual start menu.

    Seems legit.
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    Yep, that's about the size of it.
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On (Almost) Using Only the Desktop
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