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Creating the want for windows 8

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    Creating the want for windows 8

    So I was thinking since a lot of people have strong opinions on loving, hating it, mixed or just don't care. What do you think would create a want for windows 8? Or for windows in general? I think for me a good way is to create better programs/ or metro apps for the touch based users. They also need to draw in other users aside from business users. This happens both by them changing up the user-interface/experience and I feel to an extent creating programs or having programs that people want. For me one of the best software for video production and especially on windows is Sony Vegas Pro. However it's quite expensive compared to the more industry standard Final Cut Pro(of course Sony is cheaper than AVID). Sony is not an industry standard therefore a lot of people would prefer a mac when thinking of video editing(windows movie maker is no longer useful). On top of that the poor product support and bugs leave Sony at an even greater disadvantage. Sony's exporting ability may not be the best but in terms of ease of use it is definitely better in my opinion than final cut pro. Adobe products feel a bit easier to use on the mac as well. I feel windows 8 and windows in general could benefit by targeting more markets in addition to their focus on the business market.

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    An apology would be a start.
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    Simple.. More options, not less options. The idea of a cross platform developing environment is of course a good one, but if you are user who is planning to use windows primarily on a desktop without touch capability, you should have a UI that matches your needs rather than one that seems at times to taunt you. I think making the start screen inherently more customize-able is a really good start. Let windows run in Desktop vs Tablet mode. All the features are still there, but in desktop mode the start menu can be restored if desired, and you can close programs by pressing the x in the corner, rather than by dragging down from the top of the screen.

    I think Microsoft could create a lot more want for this Operating System if they gave more options to the end user, while at the same time keeping all the new features, including metro. Honestly, I have used it for nearly a month now, and I think it will be a cold day in hell before very many businesses begin adopting this Operating system. If you have used Windows all of your computing life, you should not feel stuck the first time you turn on a windows machine, or like you don't know how to get from point a to point b.
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    LOL. Love the succinct reply.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post
    An apology would be a start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post
    An apology would be a start.
    Have to agree with that, 100%.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tseven View Post
    So I was thinking since a lot of people have strong opinions on loving, hating it, mixed or just don't care. What do you think would create a want for windows 8?
    Put the start menu back on the 8 Desktop, and fix 8 so that one can, by default, start either to the Desktop or to Metro--leaving the same ability to toggle between the two. Also, I'd like the out-of-the-box startup to be the Desktop and to a local account rather than to an MS account. Make it easy to disable the Charm hot corners.
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    Give me back Aero, give the others back their optional start menu, that's an amazing start right there.
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    Look at our 3 lest replies in another tread ; the solution is simple, bring the Windows 8 phone Metro in a floating menu , not in a full start page ( sorry for the duplication, but I thing it's worth as a dam good solution ) And then everything is possible, like Areo on the desktop, I agree with the apology too, Microsoft insult our intelligence with this mess

    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    ..,If only Microsoft will have make a small re sizable Metro Menu ( not a full page) , it will have the look of their Phone and way less peoples will have complain about it. Just imagine a floating window with Metro Tiles and a phone looking contour... a kind of Gadget replacement.
    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    Exactly! I imagine being able to resize the start menu and dock it to the side of the monitor, or better yet the side of a secondary monitor. Then your "Live Tiles" will actually be live! As it is they are completely useless since you only see them for a fraction of a second when launching a new app. It works on a phone and to a lesser extent on a tablet but the live tiles are virtually useless on a desktop as it is now. I have several gadgets that I use and need to see ALL THE TIME for them to be useful.

    Do that, make metro apps resizble and movable, get rid of charms on the desktop and restore the start menu and W8 would be boss.
    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    Microsoft can even do better, they can sync our Windows 8 phones and our (In floating window ) Metro Pages,,, how slick it will be,our phone on our desktop. Third party can even make skin too look like your actual Samsung or Nokia phones. This will even attract me more to get one of their phone. No need to make the full OS looking like a phone. Just like that we throw Idea, Microsoft as so many employees that for sure someone come with something like that.... unbelievable

    COKE, tell me what you think of it .....
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    Well it's several things at this point

    Since it's out of the gate and has already alienated half of all windows users, there is the fixing of that part... Making the new UI not such a completely jarring experience, it should have flowed naturally from the desktop not completely replaced it with something nearly unusable on a desktop machine.

    Then there is the dirth of apps. If MS had really gotten some REALLY GREAT metro apps ready that they could show off in TV ads, that would have helped a lot. Apple advertises almost nothing but apps in their ads. Good, Bad, sometimes both, but they LOOK good on TV.

    Then there is the almost oxymoronic situation of there being a dirth of good windows 8 hardware (available in stores, lack of surface HD, etc) and a confusing complexity of hardware choices from other vendors that people see advertised but can't find in any stores to look at.

    All in all it was a very half hearted attempt at becoming Apple. Apple had time to grow into what it is now, but for MS to compete with two highly established players they should have done 5-10 times as much to get Windows 8 off the launch pad than they did.
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    First off, to fix something of Windows 8, it would had been a better tutorial, that can be re-accessed after the first OOBE screen on that PC; that ACTUALLY shows ALL the new things of Windows 8 from Charms, app switching, closing and other navigational things. The tutorial that came with the RTM is rather pathetic. It says to move your mouse in any corner, but only focused on one and one aspect of the UI. My fix for that is using HP's Getting Started app.

    Then, it would had been to properly redesigned the Desktop UI. I'm not too warm on the fact it's mostly flatten Aero design. I get some technical aspects would had prevented some of that, but I don't see a reason why Aero icons remained when the metro apps don't even have a lighting effect to them or glossy 3D perspective. I also don't see why they couldn't had used more metro animations on the Desktop either.... The Control Panel in Windows is now almost six years old. It's OK to use with touch, and it should had been revamped to adapt to touch. Probably should had done something like a comprehensive PC Settings.

    More color options for Start Screen right off the bat. And, active app snap and window snap. I wanted this to happen, where you can snap two apps (or windows on the Desktop) and actively, at the same time, make one app or window larger than the other and the other app or window sizes down to be smaller. This way, some things on the Desktop can be made easier, and using app snap would be more worthwhile As I see it, there are like three categories of apps that can take advantage of the 30/60 app snap in Windows 8.

    But then to create the want, I believe more apps are needed. Good quality ones, the top 50 apps from all three smartphone platforms, onto Windows 8. Seeing as a lot of people are using laptops, and how Windows 8 is really well designed for mobile use, the argument for using Windows 8 and having some of the same apps that are on android or iphone are on Windows 8 (well built and nicely designed for the metro design) as well as laptops with larger touch pads to allow for those touch gestures.

    Microsoft should now start to show off, through adverts, the interdependent ecosystem they've built. They need to show that on a Windows Phone, a playlist or pictures being made on said phone be able to sync over to Xbox Music on Windows 8. Then the playlist can be adjusted on Windows 8, then streamed to an Xbox in a living room to take advantage of nicer audio and larger screen. Or even a video as well.
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Creating the want for windows 8
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