Hi guys,
I've just installed win8 on my media PC, I'm really happy with it for the most part, it's not worse then win7, there are some small but helpful changes to wmc. Metro looks great on the tv. There is just one problem, when I click on text boxes in metro apps with the mouse I don't get a keyboard as you would if you touched the text box. This is particularly annoying as I don't have a keyboard in my lounge room, and it seems that there is a whole new interface that would be perfect on the tv that I can't use very effectively I know you can launch osk.exe from the desktop and then switch to metro and it will stay on top but it's not really a very smooth solution. So i suspect there is a reg hack that I can implement that will cause the mouse to launch the touch keyboard in metro - is there? can someone tell me what it is? or any other solutions that would enable me to effectively use the metro interface with only a mouse input would be great. If this can't be done I really do think it's a massive oversight from Microsoft! There is a good interface that is unusable without a keyboard or touch. If i was to buy a new touch mouse would that do the trick or is it going to behave like a mouse in this respect?

Thank you very much for your assistance.
Liam P Clancy