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Increased security a definite PITA!

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    Increased security a definite PITA!

    I'm running into more and more things that don't work any more in Windows 8 that worked perfectly in Windows 7. I'm getting a lot more Access denied messages for things like trying to backup my SeaMonkey profiles, run ERUNT, create folders or files under the \Windows folder structure.

    Is there any way to turn off this "enhanced" security or set it to the Windows 7 level? It's driving me nuts and may be the final straw that moves me back to Windows 7.

    Taking ownership has no effect.
    Granting myself Full Access has no effect.

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    I'm kind of wondering this myself...

    But I tried creating folders within the Windows folder with no problem. Sometimes if I don't have access to something, I just use the Take Ownership (I have a .reg entry in the context menu for that) and I will get access to those items no problem. Seems odd that you have those issues.
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    I'm beginning to think Windows 8 has to learn for a while before it does something you want.

    I tried again today and it worked. I was able to backup my SeaMOnkey profiles without any Access Denied errors. I actually compared the source and target and they are now identical so for what ever reason it's working. All I did was shutdown last night, boot up today and try it and it worked. I had rebooted several times yesterday with no success.

    I think MS is doing this just to drive me nuts!
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    I don't have the Take Ownership context menu installed yet. I'll do that now and see what happens next time.

    Thanks for the idea.
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    Yep, that context entry always has worked for me so far. It's MUCH faster and easier than going through the Security and Permissions tabs!
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    I also just came across this to completely disable UAC: Disable UAC Completely

    I'm now back to Windows 7 as far as UAC is concerned. Things are looking up!
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Increased security a definite PITA!
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