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when clicking on tile in windows 8, it brings up full scre

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    when clicking on tile in windows 8, it brings up full scre

    How can we reset the size of the screen that is presented after clicking on a tile in windows 8? Here is my problem.
    I have two monitors and have my desktop going across both monitors the way I like it. However when you click on a windows 8 tile, the screen it brings up fills both monitors. its annoying because whatever I am viewing is centered down the middle of two monitors and trying to read it is awful. I want to be able to set the window size that appears after clicking a tile to be half a screen (only one monitor). Anyone know how to accomplish this? I know you can go to desktop mode and it will be sized however I like it, but I need to change the size of the windows after clicking the tile. I hope someone can help with this. Thank you.

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    Hello Carpediem, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    When Store apps are opened, they use the full display of the monitor they are opened on and cannot be changed. If you set your displays to act like one display (ex: Eyefinity), then the Store app will naturally fill all of them.

    The only way to prevent this is to not have all of your displays act as one display.

    If you have an image that is larger enought to display on all monitors at once, then you will still be able to set it as your desktop background for all monitors. This doesnt help wth the desktop itself though.

    Desktop Background - Change in Windows 8
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    To be honest, if I'm reading your setup correctly, that would have been an issue on Windows 7 too; any attempts to maximize a program on one monitor would spread across both.
    I'm sorry for dodging the question, but is there any particular reason you're stretching your desktop, rather than simply setting it to standard multi-monitor mode?
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when clicking on tile in windows 8, it brings up full scre
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