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insane scroll speed after resume

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    insane scroll speed after resume

    i have a "microsoft wireless mouse 2000" and my pc is running win 8 pro. most of the times after i resume from hibernation the scroll speed is insane! moving the scroll wheel 1mm causes for example the browser to scroll over one page! in scroll settings it shows "roll wheel one click to scroll 3 lines", no matter what i set this to it still scrolls excesivly.. i need a full system reboot to regain control over scroll speed.
    this was never an issue with win7.

    if anyone got a solution for this, i would be very greatfull!

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    Windows 8 Pro ($39.99 upgrade)

    perhaps this may help : Software Downloads: Wireless Mouse 2000
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    well now i feel like a fcuking retard :P i forgot about the utility because it would not allow play/pause to interact with spotify in win7. but that function workes fine with win8.
    btw the scroll is fine for now, but i'll give it a couple of days before i "mark as solved".
    and thaks for helping a retard out
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insane scroll speed after resume
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