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Very Close To Removing Win 8 And Going Back To 7

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    My Metro internet (Google Chrome)will not work every time I click on the Chrome tile it reverts to desktop

    Dont remember it doing this from the start could I have changed something without knowing ??

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    That's probably because you will have to download the google chrome app because when you upgraded, you carried over the same version you had running when you had Windows 7.

    I'm not sure if google chrome has a metro app for Windows 8, but from what I can recollect, it probably might be out there.
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    Why don't you disable the charms bar: Disable the Windows 8 Charms bar

    Make sure you have a system image or a registry backup before you alter it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by monkeynuts View Post
    Man is this operating system doing my swede in

    On a laptop using the touch pad every time you go anywhere near the top right corner while browsing the effing Charm bar pops up and stops smooth working

    FFS can you make the detect area smaller or turn the ****ing thing off

    At the moment if I had to use the LT for any form of workflow it just would be a bore

    Nothing seems where it should be and I know it is new but to me some of the stuff aint logical it links everything with everything and seems a security nightmare

    The mail tile is bloody useless and when on mail half the operating buttons are missing unclutter your viewing experiences arse

    Rant over .........................shall I go back to 7
    Use this; Skip Metro Suite: WinAero: Skip Metro Suite

    If you need the charms bar just hit Windows + C keys.
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    I believe Windows 8 is a definite improvement over Windows 7, except visually. If you like win 7 so much, check this out. How to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7 | Reviews | CNET UK

    No matter how hard we try, Aero is still gone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by envy 17 View Post
    No matter how hard we try, Aero is still gone.
    No it's not. If you use the hack Ex7ForW8 to restore the Win7 Orb/Start Menu, when you install it, it asks you to put the Win7 installation disk in the optical drive and it imports files from Win7, which includes Aero.

    In effect there is a toggle switch so you can then run Windows 8 in either Explorer 7/Start Orb Menu ... or Explorer 8/Metro start screen.

    In the first mode, Aero and Win 7 Orb/Start Menu is back. And Metro is totally gone. You can also download the Win7 suite of games free HERE!

    Hope this helps.
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    But what if you want Metro AND Aero?????

    As I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    But what if you want Metro AND Aero?????

    As I do.
    Do you just want to watch the world burn?!?!

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    Sorry for your troubles. I have had the same issue I wish they would have an option to disable it or have it automatically disabled for the desktop portion as it does become an issue when working. There are definitely issues that they created with the changes. For the mail metro app I find it kind of blah unless they updated it recently.
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    The best thing about 8 is Pro's Bitlocker.

    The rest, I don't quite know what they're doing. They need to quickly decide on desktop vs "metro".
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Very Close To Removing Win 8 And Going Back To 7
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