I have been using windows 8 for a week or so now, I tried rp and cp but only in a virtual machine occasionally and now I am trying to get used to it as my main os. I do like it but some things just don't make sense.

I get that the start screen is not an "app" but why does it have to act differently to everything else? I would like to be able to drag down from the top of the screen to return to my desktop or 1st previous application. Why can't desktop apps also close when dragged down? I'm getting tired of hiding the taskbar to get them back lol

When I have an app docked at the side why do I have to aim for a thin black line when I could (and often do by mistake) just grab the top and drag it across with the same effect.

Hmm maybe you should be able to drop an app into the app bar by dragging it into that corner??

I have a dual monitor setup... if I have the desktop with the music app docked on my 1st monitor and want to open my email app (from the app bar) on the 2nd monitor the music app goes with it, if I then drag my music back to be docked on the first monitor it brings the email with it. I can drag a docked app from one monitor to the other but only in docked mode, if I want it full screen I have to make it full screen either before or after moving. If I drag a docked app to the other monitor it just gets dropped (docked on the same side of the screen) as soon as my mouse leaves the other monitor, why cant I choose where I want it??

If I have a docked app and I drag down the "main" app I end up with a blank page instead of dropping back to the previous app that I opened over (usually the desktop).

This all just seems wrong, to me anyway.