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Win 8 Pro Update - frequent auto Restart

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    Win 8 Pro

    Win 8 Pro Update - frequent auto Restart

    Installed Win 8 Pro with 'keep Win 7 settings' option; it frequently and automatically restarts when the PC is left running idle, both when I am logged on and off and so far always when I am not at the PC.

    When I then log in/start it up again, it asks if I want to send 3 files to MS (Windows\Minidump\nnnnn.dmp, an .xml file in AppData\Local\Temp which is no longer there when I look, and Windos\MEMORY.DMP which no longer exists either even though I have not sent them to MS).

    I found a winstore.log file which seems to relate to this event, perhaps (it talks about 'exiting' at the end):

    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00007356] ***********************************************************************
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00007356] Process name: C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskhost.exe
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00007356] User name: Joseph-PC\Joseph
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00007356] Computer name: Joseph-PC
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00007356] Windows build: 9200.16424.amd64fre.win8_gdr.120926-1855
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00007356] Client version: 615
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00003696] CWSTileUpdateHandler::Worker - Found 2 updates.
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00003696] UpdateStoreBadge - Entering for 2 updates.
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00003696] UpdateStoreBadge: loadXML returned 0x0 for [<badge value="2"/>]
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00003696] UpdateStoreBadge: Return value from badge updater is 0x0
    2012-11-03 04:31:08.333, _Info_ WS [00007064:00003696] UpdateStoreBadge - Exiting.
    2012-11-03 04:37:26.127, _Info_ WS [00004880:00005964] ***********************************************************************

    Unfortunately, the valid file restriction here doesn't allow me to attach these files (they are .dmp and .log).

    Cheers, Joseph

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    No, that's just exiting the update process, not exiting windows.

    We say this daily around here. Upgrades are problematic. When they work, they work. But frequently, they go very wrong. The reason is that Microsoft cannot predict every possible configuration, and some of them won't be able to be upgraded without problems.

    I estimate that > 50% of all upgrades have some kind of issue, usually small and niggly, but of that 10-25% have major issues that require you to take further steps.

    First, try a system refresh. If that doesn't work, then you may be stuck doing a full clean install. Just say no to upgrades in the future.
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Win 8 Pro Update - frequent auto Restart
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