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I deleted my boot directory like an idiot. Help please

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    I deleted my boot directory like an idiot. Help please

    So how I got to this point. I put windows 8 on my netbook because my cpu and ram met the requirements. I didn't notice before installing that my video resolution wasn't high enough. Basically I can run windows but can't open any apps. So I tried to put windows 7 starter back on and after halfway reading some tech articles tried some things and ended up deleting the boot directory and now I can't get it to boot. I don't have a cdrom drive(netbook), So I tried putting the windows 7 .iso on a thumb drive and set the boot order to start with that drive but nothing. Stores want to charge me $130 to fix it which is about what the thing is worth so I am praying that someone here can help me. My question is, can I repair windows 8 to get my computer working again and after that how do I put windows 7 starter back on with no cd/dvdrom drive? Feel free to flame me a bit if you know how to fix my problem, I deserve it.

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    Hello there!

    If you still have the .iso for Windows 7 or 8, copy it to your flash drive, probably get a non-partisan, third party puter and download and install this...

    Microsoft Store Online

    Scroll down a bit and click on Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool.

    That will ask for the .iso (which you should paste the .iso from your flash drive to the other puter) and reformat the flash drive to be bootable. This is your main problem, your drive isn't bootable.

    From there, just do a custom install (this will make a Windows.old folder that still keeps your old data, just DO NOT REFORMAT THE HARD DRIVE).

    That should do it! And don't be an idiot and delete your boot directory!

    Click image for larger version
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    I am assuming you installed win8 by booting a flash drive?

    So I tried to put windows 7 starter back on
    HOW? It sounds like you didn't have the install media - were you tying to recover from the windows.old folder?

    So I tried putting the windows 7 .iso on a thumb drive

    If you have another windows machine you can use , and the win7 installation.iso, you can use poweriso free ( unregistered ) version to create a bootable flash.

    PowerISO - Create, Burn, Mount, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive

    To reinstall win7 , either remove ei.cfg, winisoutils - Windows ISO Disc Image Utilities

    or you will need the starter.iso for your product key to work.

    Create Windows 7 Universal ISO With All Editions Selection On Install with ei.cfg Removal Utility My Digital Life
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    coke robot: Thanks for the info. You are a life saver for sure.

    SIW2: I installed windows 8 by downloading the upgrade at the Microsoft site. I also downloaded window7 starter.iso off of the internet. I do have a desktop as well as my netbook but heres the thing, I used to know more than the average kid about computers back in the 80's and 90's but kind of got out of the tech game in 97. I have quickly learned that technology has advanced a bit since then and I jumped into this thing with a little too much confidence in my abilities. So anyways, to recap, I am windows stupid and you guys are awesome, thank you.
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    OOOHHHHHHHHH yeah technology has progressed since 1997!

    Don't worry, it's pretty much the same old story only wrapped around a new enigma.
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I deleted my boot directory like an idiot. Help please
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