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Earth to MS: "The customer is ALWAYS right!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyvu View Post
    I'm a customer. I like what I'm seeing. what's your problem? if you don't like it, don't buy it. that's how consumerism works. you're acting more like a dictator, telling people what they should and shouldn't like.


    You OBVIOUSLY DID NOT read my opening post.

    I said since you can't be troubled to read more, that MS should have given the consumer
    THE CHOICE as to which UI to boot into as the default.

    The "dictatorship" is that of MS forcing the consumer to ALWAYS boot into metro UI FIRST BEFORE they can reach the desktop.

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    The Microsoft Dictator Sinofsky is gone now, so I think Microsoft get the message. It's months that I see this come, it's months that say to everyone about Sinofsky, I accuse him to be in his own bubble, the bubble blow today. They trust the guy , it don't turn well, now they gone trust their customers.
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    I didn't notice this while trying it out but just saw a screenshot, there are a few things in the interface that feel unfinished. I saw in the internet explorer everything is flat and then the menu seems to get more shadow. Seems kinda off to me. Although I wouldn't say I hate it, the interface does leave a lot to be desired. It does seem to take away some of our options. I wish they didn't kill the Courier or zune those were some of the better products coming out of Microsoft.
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    You know, I've worked in retail before and have been told that the customer is always right, even if they're really wrong and giving you shite over something so idiotically mundane, they're ALWAYS right.
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    now they gone trust their customers.
    Let's hope so.
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    The unfortunate thing is that MS dropped the ball on one of their biggest positives. That they were willing to give the customer CHOICE, as opposed to the fruit company's OSX.

    That was always one of the biggest reasons why I stuck with MS even if occasionally I wasn't thrilled with all aspects of a product. When they want to force me to boot in Win 8 to metro UI in order to get to my desktop that was the last straw.

    MS lost a LOT of good will from folks like myself when they decided they wanted to
    "pull a Jobs".
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    legacy your a man after my own heart! couldn't agree more, good thread........................
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Earth to MS: "The customer is ALWAYS right!"
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