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Apps in folders ?

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    Hello ARC1020. Welcome to the Eight Forums.

    Quote Originally Posted by ARC1020 View Post
    If you use the "All Apps" you'll probably find that Adobe CS is a bit untidy when it installs and the icons appear in amongst the store apps
    You must be referring to the start screen as untidy by default. Yes. Absolutely.
    I apologize if I misunderstand, but the Master Collection is organized automatically and requires no configuration in the all apps area. Your start screen is very well done and quite efficient. Installing Adobe CS would not mix with Store Apps in the apps area. (yes to mixed on the start screen) You are correct to unpin what you might not need today from the start screen. I can see you created a start screen group titled Adobe. Very nice.

    Start Screen Apps - Organize into Groups

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    I apologize if I misunderstand, but the Master Collection is organized automatically and requires no configuration in the all apps area.
    Ah, I notice you have CS6, so they must have made changes in later versions of Adobe CS. When installing CS4 it puts all the Adobe files on the left-hand side of the 'All Apps' section, which meant they were in with the Store Apps. I'm guessing the CS4 installer didn't include an Adobe folder in the path, so it just put them all on the top level.
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    OP here - thanks everyone for help getting used to W8 interface. I guess its just

    W8 Start = W7 pin to start menu

    W8 All Apps = W7 all programs

    my cleaned up start

    Click image for larger version

    jed, Manchester UK
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Apps in folders ?
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