Yesterday my computer was running perfectly fine, I restarted it, then it randomly said it was doing a repair bit it gets stuck at 1%. I tried every repair option possible, none worked. So, I plugged in an old HDD with Windows 7 on it so that I can save some files I needed. After that I formatted the SSD with Windows 8 on it and reinstalled it. Everything seemed to be going really during the installation and then when it was complete I was getting random freezes in the OS. After a while I will get a blue screen that restarts my computer and then it will take around 5 minutes before I get to the login screen. When I log in all the programs I have installed has been completely wiped from the computer. When I try to do the Windows update it could never complete the update because the blue screen will pop up. The blue screen pretty much pops up whenever it feels like it then takes forever for me to login again.

Then it eventually said it was doing an automatic repair after I did a reset and the loop has started again. Does anyone know what is going on with this? My first install of the OS was perfect and now it is really frustrating trying to use my computer since whatever I do just get erased.

Oh yeah I remember one of the error messages after the PC reset saying something about the Weather app.