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Windows 8, the repeated vista failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltedm8 View Post
    Thank you SIW2 I apreashate that

    Some of the accusations I have had in this thead is being a troll, not being technically able and because I never asked a question my opinion does not count.

    Does not sound like a forum iwould want anything more to do with, but before I go I am going to set some of you arrogant people straight

    If opinion is not allowed on this forum and you only accept questions and not debates then I am sorry, I will be sure that if anyone else has opinions in the future or even questions (as no-one wants to sign up to 2 websites really) I will be sure to keep them away from your website.
    Sorry you feel that way and for the record there are some really good folks that contribute to this forum. I've got the RP Win8 installed on a separate partition but doubt if I'll ever use it apart from if/when I've got time on my hands to just play around.

    There has been a great deal of debate about Win8 especially before the official launch. Many were simply trying to come to terms with the new look and others trying to offer a way round it if it wasn't acceptable. But that's how things go.

    Simply because I won't be using Win8 I have no intention of leaving as this is a great place to pick up the news and who knows, maybe MS will issue a Win8 SP so I can use it in the way I prefer. Please though don't judge this forum as there may have been a couple of negatives about your original post. As I say, most round here fall into the 'willing to help' category.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltedm8 View Post

    .....just my opinion.
    Please excuse the rude comments here, and understand that for the rabid fanboi's ms can do no wrong, that their opinions are the only valid ones, and that they will defend ms 'til the bitter end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post
    Please excuse the rude comments here, and understand that for the rabid fanboi's ms can do no wrong, that their opinions are the only valid ones, and that they will defend ms 'til the bitter end.

    Can I use this as signature, it's so true
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    Sorry I came across cross or rude to OP and I do apologize, I am in no way a "fanboi", the point I was trying to make is why make an account to basically write a blog post. We have enough of the same threads on here:

    These are all pretty much the same thing and are all on the first page of general. It sucks OP had issues, but to open an account to basically say "this sucks and I am going back to 7" does no one any good at all! It's great he/she has an opinion and they are entitled to it, but do we really need the same post over and over again? As far as I can tell we have had this discussion numerous times already and we know where most stand.

    That is why I suggested a Rants and Raves section! They did it for Ubuntu when Unity hit and Fedora when Gnome Shell hit and it worked out fine. People can rant and rave without clogging the help forum up, Because the opposite of this post (raving) really is just as annoying. That is all I am saying, take It for what it's worth......

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltedm8 View Post
    I downloaded windows 8 thinking that it would be a great operating system, after all, microsoft could not possibly make the same mistake twice as they messed up so big with vista I never thought any company that is suppose to be that technology advanced they could not possibly make the same mistake again.. I very quickly realized I was so wrong.........

    ........just my opinion.
    Welcome to EightForums, saltedm8. It's good to have you!

    Sorry to hear that your first experience with 8 was not pleasant to put it lightly. That's quite a long OP you had there, I must say. Much of it a rant, especially with the MS service experience. I don't think I've met a person yet who really ever enjoyed calling a service center of any company, especially large corporations. Lol! Certainly not a popular hobby at best!

    Please don't get me wrong here -> I can rant with the best of them, as some here know. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems you went balls out in somewhat of rage. The only saving grace I had with it was your last statement "Just my opinion". Opinions are ok. We all have one. I think it to be ok to post them.

    One of the definitions of troll according to Wiktionary:

    "6. (intransitive, Internet slang) In an online community or discussion, (to post inflammatory material so as) to attempt to lure others into combative argument for purposes of personal entertainment and/or gratuitous disruption. [from late 20th c.]"

    I don't think so, but I can see why others accused you of this, especially being your first post. I thought it to be a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing myself. Of course, only you know the truth and, quite frankly, it's none of my business.

    My question and opinion:

    Did you use Upgrade Assistant?

    I used it upgrading from Vista to 7. Still had a few problems. Corrected them and 7 ran fine ever since, but looking back through my experience, though, I should've fresh installed. Much better approach IMO. A PITA to reinstall files, personal settings, and programs, but end up with a much better system overall.

    Your system, IMO, had unforeseen problems that got dragged to the new as others here have mentioned. Most likely those dreadful registry problems. Not to say you didn't maintain your system well, but I think one must admit that there are unforeseen problems that even the savviest miss.

    I'll ask and suggest you perform a fresh install and let the system work any bugs out for a time before loading other software. A little costlier, but I believe only then one can test a system of it's true colors. A dual boot with 7 worked well for me. I now know what to add to my system peripherals instead of buying new and move on to 8 as primary OS.

    Make no mistake -> MS did not make a mistake of another Vista here as much as negative reviews state. A much different "transitional" OS with a slightly bigger learning curve, yes, but not impossible to learn in a short time. Written for touch devices, yes, but I think they did their best to combine the UIs for the desktop PC using mouse and keyboard. Slimmer without the usual personalization choices for sure, but much more resource efficiency.

    Again, welcome to the forums! Welcome to the new age of computer navigation via a new UI! Have fun and enjoy!
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    I feel oblidged as a form of curtesy to reply one last time,

    Obviously within this forum there are a few bad apples as there are on every forum, my first impression due to the complete lack of democracy was one of distaste for any form of put down to microsoft, and yes, I jumped on the band wagon and threatoned to leave before hearing out more people.

    I posted this not out of trolling, but simply to put across my experiences with this operating system, I suppose in some ways HippsieGypsie is right, that sort of post is going to cause a reaction, but then again so can any post, it was not my intention to cause a reaction that this thread has had so the accusation of troll is still a blatent troll in itself.

    This thread was created specifically on this forum as this is where a big chunk of users will come before downloading windows 8, in all honesty, I was expecting a why or can you tell us more or something like that to continue and others to learn how it was fixed (as I had to fix it because I could not access my files) and what I thought the issue was, I did not expect people to take so much offence from it, its not as if I come on here shouting 'microcrap has screwed my pc', then I would expect a reaction, especially from a windows forum.

    I still however have little reason to stay here as I am no longer running windows 8 and now have zero interest in doing so, I thank everyone for their apologies and advice.
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    No one ever said that you can't have an opinion. Like you said, what you posted is going to spark a reaction. I'm more curious as to why you didn't, being a web developer and all, use a forum dedicated to Windows 8 to get your issues resolved? Part of the reason of this forum is purely technical support with different subcategories, one of which is a Chillout Room of mildly off topic topics.

    And if hostile reactions come across, it's partly because what geeve420 says, we've seen and read WAY too much crap on both sides.
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    If I post " I love Windows 8" on about all hardware forums, peoples will throw me stones, they will say to go troll elsewhere . so the OP should have started an anti-Windows 8 tread on those forums , because here Microsoft can do wrong. ( I like it RickKins )
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    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Rickkins View Post
    Please excuse the rude comments here, and understand that for the rabid fanboi's ms can do no wrong, that their opinions are the only valid ones, and that they will defend ms 'til the bitter end.

    Can I use this as signature, it's so true
    Sure, why not.
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Windows 8, the repeated vista failure
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