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Keeping start screen on main monitor

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaySayer View Post
    A better analogy would be: Why would a bicycle manufacturer waste their time making tandem bikes when most people only need one seat...?

    because they can sell it 3 times the price of 2 bicycles. this is going no where, I'm gone let you talk alone on this.

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    We have over 800 users in our company, and every one of them has at least 2 monitors, while some have 3, and a few have 4.

    For no other reason, many people like to run their email on a second monitor so they can see when stuff comes in. Lots of people have work screens up on both monitors. You could give our programmers 10 screens each and they'd still want more.
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    I do tech support for a small software company, which involves connecting to dozens of people's computers a week, the users ranging from owners of companies to receptionists who keep the books. I'd say about 30% of users have at least two monitors, and it's not just the higher-ups. Multi-monitor is increasingly becoming the norm for business users, although probably not for your typical home users.

    The fact is, Windows 8's multi-monitor setup is clumsy. I *guarantee* you the majority of MS employees who WROTE the software use multiple monitors -- how they could have found this kind of clumsiness acceptable is beyond me.

    I was actually looking forward to 8 primarily because of improvements to multi-monitor support, some of which have already been mentioned in this thread. But the out-of-the-box clumsiness switching between the Desktop and the Metro interface is only made more confusing with two monitors. I really hope they get this right in future updates.
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Keeping start screen on main monitor
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