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Can't access BIOS

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    Can't access BIOS

    I just bought a new Lenovo G580 that came with Windows 8 on it and I can't get into the BIOS settings in order to change the boot order....

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    How are you trying to do it? According to the Lenovo site, you press F2 as soon as the Lenovo logo appears on the screen.
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    It didn't work but I disabled hibernation mode which made Windows 8 load really fast, thus not making me able to access the BIOS.
    I did the whole boot order thing and still nothing, the windows loads normally and I can't install Windows 7!
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    Try it again--just keep tapping about 1 tap per second. Start the tapping as soon as you press the start button. Once you get into the BIOS, there should be a place where you can change it so that it gives you a little more time to access it. Some are set that gives you only 1 second to tap the required key. You should be able to change it to 5 seconds.
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    Well guy I have bad news , I make some research and on the Lenovo G580, you can't access the BIOS, Lenovo thing it should be reserve to qualify Lenovo tech only and the users should not play in the BIOS.

    But apparently if you old the " B " when you start , it will open the boot order menu

    Holly crap where are we heading
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    I'm curious to know but what happens if you place another OS disc , will it boot it up ? I would keep trying the F2 key
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    I just reinstalled windows 7 for my friend's lenovo laptop, had the same problem using F2 key, go back to the documentation, it's F1 instead. I am not sure if yours is the same model but it does not hurt to try.
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    I had the same problem on my desktop computer and laptop computer.
    Here´s the solution.

    It´s a windows 8 new feature. When you cold boot your computer, there is no way to access the BIIOS. It´s called EFI mode. Google on it to read more on this mode. By the way this is how Apple computers operate their computers for years now. So how to get in the BIOS:
    1. Cold boot your system
    2. When windows is fired up: restart your system. You´ll notice that the BIOS can be accessed.
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    I already said, I manged into getting to the BIOS...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BDani View Post
    I already said, I manged into getting to the BIOS...
    Deleted by me.
    Last edited by brummyfan; 10 Nov 2012 at 03:36. Reason: unnecessary post
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Can't access BIOS
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