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thoughts from gurus on a fresh reinstall live tile issues.

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    thoughts from gurus on a fresh reinstall live tile issues.

    I bought my online upgrade and let it proceed from W7 and later downloaded and burned the .iso, so what I have is a true upgrade from W7 and not a clean install. I really have no big issues, just anoyances really, with my live tiles.

    My Live tiles don't update them selves unless I open them first. What I mean is for example; the wikipedia tile gives me sugested articles in the live tile, however if I don't open it, it keeps the same info from the day prior. Same goes for the dictionary tile, it should give me the word of the day, unless I open it the tile never refreshes and stays on the previous word. I won't even get into the Mail app and tile that don't notify or update unless I open it.

    My question is would any of you try a clean install to fix this? I really hate to reinstall all my programs, but really what's the point in a live tile if it isn't actually live

    I guess I am just wondering what some of you gurus would try to fix this little quirk or if anyone else has this problem?



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    I've seen this happen when I hibernate my puter many times during the day and resume from hibernate. Sometimes it isn't connected to the network, and when I do, the tiles will usually refresh. Sometimes not, but when I restart they will refresh.

    Don't know if this helps, but might help.
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    I've never had that issue with the Mail App as it seems to always update and give me an email count. The same can't be said for some of the other Apps like Wikipedia and the Dictionary Apps which I also have, they only update for a bit then stop and I think it's an issue with the App itself because many other tiles I have update. I wouldn't try a clean install just for the App issues, test some other Apps like some picture or news Apps and see if they update properly.
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    Dual Boot: Back to W7 and Ubuntu 12.04

    @ Coke: Good thought on that, I however never hibernate my systems. Just use screensavers and let them run. I am old school like that and still don't trust hibernation thanks though!!

    @R0bR: Sounds good, I am glad it could be the apps and not the system itself. It is good to see I am not the only one that has those issues with those apps in perticular. Thanks for the info!!

    What's weird is last night I finally got my ATI driver installed so I am no longer on the generic one that MS installs and lo and behold when I check my start screen this moring, it showed I had an email. I didn't make any cahnges last night other than creating a system image and installed the ATI driver. I am so confused, but at least it started working. Thanks Y'all

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thoughts from gurus on a fresh reinstall live tile issues.
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