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How do I turn off those pesky messages in the upper right?

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    How do I turn off those pesky messages in the upper right?

    Could somebody tell me how to disable those messages that slide out from the upper right corner of the screen please.

    I've tried disabling notifications for 3 hours but it doesn't disable the notification that pops out every time that I go to print a document.

    It's basically warning me every time that I print a page on my printer that the ink is low. I know it's low, I will probably be able to still print a hundred or more pages before the cartridges actually have to be replaced.

    The main problem is that the way that I have to do real life work, I need to print one page documents one after another, so in an afternoon I may end up printing 150 separate pages, so that means I get that message sliding out 150 times and the warning sound playing 150 times, about once every 20 seconds or so as I submit each page for printing.

    Anyway, probably more than you wanted to know, so if somebody could tell me how to turn off the notifications that appear in the upper right corner of my screen I'd sure appreciate it.


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    That's what I did before starting this topic. There doesn't seem to be a specific listing for printer apps or system apps in the notifications so I disabled all of them for a period of 3 hours but it doesn't seem to disable the one notification that I'm getting about the ink being low.

    Perhaps it's a bug and disable doesn't actually disable all of these toaster notifications.
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How do I turn off those pesky messages in the upper right?
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