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I have vista 64 bits and would like to upgrade to windows 8

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    I have vista 64 bits and would like to upgrade to windows 8

    Please advice me whether this is a wise move or should I keep vista

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    Hard to say.

    If you are happy with Vista - you might not like win8.

    It is very different - not just the UI , but the whole push to online services.

    You might be better trying the Preview - as a trial and see what you think.

    The preview isn't identical to the released version - released version is worse imo.

    I have Win8 - I don't like it.

    I spend most of my time in Win7 - a little time in Vista - and have no particular desire to boot into Win8.

    EDIT - i am not sure the preview is available now they are selling the thing.

    There are a handful of fanbois on the site who act like it is the second coming.

    I expect they will pitch in.
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    I couldn't find any RP downloads but you could try the RTM version, download from here:Download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation
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    Win 8 64

    Windows 8 is very much like Windows 7 with addition of a graphical start menu and the incorporation of "apps." I don't use the apps at all. I don't like putting my stuff in the cloud. I prefer it to be on my NAS and my hard drive. Some of the apps are terrible. The music app, as an example, has no way to stop the music. It will play until it is finished regardless of what you do. So I use the good old old Windows Media Player instead. I use most of my existing programs - Thunder bird, for example so I feel pretty much at home on 8. I actually downloaded a Windows 7 like start button to use from the desktop. I found Win 7 to be a noticeable improvement over Vista and I view Win 8 as pretty similar to Win 7 so I would recommend the upgrade.
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    Cathy don't think even once..GO FOR THE UPGRAGE TO WIN 8. you will love it.
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    Windows 7/8

    I'm with PIKU on this one Cathy, go for it gal and dump the bloatware that Vista is, overboard. W8 might take a bit of getting used to, especially the Metro ( or whatever they've decided to call it now ) interface but I think it will be worth it in the long run and for the price it's available for at the moment, it's a no-brainer. If you're worried about making such a drastic change then you can always dualboot so you can return to the familiarity of Vista if necessary but I don't think it will be long before you decide to delete it.
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    Windows 8 enterprise x64

    Vista start to age , depending on what kind of system you have, and budget, it may be it worth to get a new system with Windows 7 or 8 already install.
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I have vista 64 bits and would like to upgrade to windows 8
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