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    Display a message how?

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    Under "Create Task" and in the actions tab, both send an email and display a message are deprecated.
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    Ahh.. I would imagine they no longer support those because of the security issues with allowing desktop interactivity with services. Microsoft has disabled that functionality in many places, because it enabled Shatter attacks.

    There seems to be other ways to do this, however, by executing scripts that will do what you want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    I didn't ask you why. I asked you to explain how the system does not do what you want, since it looks to me like it does exactly what you want.

    You need to explain WHAT it is you want to do in more detail. I am not asking you why. I'm asking what you are looking for, since your question is non-sensical.
    I know this is an old thread, however, as nobody actually replied to the answer, I'll resurrect it and clarify as requested. That said, the question was actually completely clear, as the term Custom Handler is displayed throughout the Task Scheduler interface.

    Anyway, start the Task Manager and choose any of a number of standard tasks created by the system, e.g., Maintenance Configurator, Regular Maintenance, Badge Update, BindingWorkItemQueueHandler.

    Look at the Action for each of the tasks. The action is listed as Custom Handler. Try to look at that action to see what it does. Try to edit it. You can't!

    The system unceremoniously informs you that the Task Scheduler, the program designed to handle all scheduled tasks on your system is unable to edit the action for that task! It can't even tell you what the custom handler is! Furthermore, and not surprisingly, while the system is willing to tell you that the Task Scheduler is unable to edit Custom Handler actions, it makes no mention of what program can edit such actions.

    Furthermore, if you go onto TechNet to look at the "full" documentation for the Task Scheduler, the Custom Handler action is not even mentioned!

    I would label that "not doing what I want"!
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    You can't view Custom Handlers or Custom Triggers because there's nothing to view. They're compiled code, in DLL's. They implement the interfaces defined in the task scheduler API, these are found here:

    Task Scheduler Interfaces (Windows)

    You can see which DLL is called by viewing the Task definition. For example, Badge Update, notice the source is WinStoreUI.dll:

    schtasks /query /XML /TN "\Microsoft\Windows\WS\Badge Update"

    HTML Code:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    <Task version="1.4" xmlns="">
        <URI>\Microsoft\Windows\WS\Badge Update</URI>
        <Principal id="Users">
      <Actions Context="Users">
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    Quote Originally Posted by geok View Post
    Look at the Action for each of the tasks. The action is listed as Custom Handler. Try to look at that action to see what it does. Try to edit it. You can't!
    Because you don't need to edit it. This is not a user task, but a system task. You can export the task to XML, find the handler GUID, search regedit for it, etc, etc, but editing it still won't make sense.

    If you want to edit, delete the task and import the modified XML. Still doesn't make sense, but perhaps it would satisfy those who insist on editing such tasks. I doubt, though
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