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Why I upgraded

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    Why I upgraded

    My reason is very simple.
    Windows 7 Home Premium does not support more than 16 GB of RAM.
    My new rig has 32 GB of RAM
    I could have gone to Windows 7 Pro - but that actually cost more than upgrading to Windows 8 Pro, and 8 Pro was readily available at our local Staples store.

    That is it in a nutshell.

    It is kinda cool to be on the `bleeding`edge of technology. But as I post in the gaming forum so far my experience with game`s playable in Windows 8 has been 50% - 3 of 6 games I have loaded so far have worked.

    On the productivity side MS Office 10 & Adobe Elements 10 both work great, even MS Outlook 2007 works fine.

    Google Chrome is doing fine, but I broke IE 10 and it will only operate if I make it the default browser, I`ll rant about that elsewhere.

    I miss my screen gadgets from Windows 7.

    I have not yet got the hang of Windows 8 and spend 95% of my time in Desktop.

    Compatibility problems creep up now and then, e.g. my motherboard has something called Charger+ which promises to charge your phone or other USB connected device faster and when the pc is turned off. Asus`s charger+ proved to be incompatible. Oh well I can live without that and not notice it.

    I upgraded on the 26th of October the day they released the DVD`s in the stores. Downloading would have been cheaper but not realistic as we live in rural Canada and our only options for internet are dial up or satellite. Satellite is far superior to dial up, but on a clear day I get 1 to 1.4 Mbps download, on a cloudy day it drops to .5 (as in one half) and sometimes we lose connectivity altogether. So big downloads take time (as in hours and hours).

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    Hi , Fortkentdad, ( no worry Enaberif is not member here) . You will be fine with 8, it as some annoyances, but we can deal with it.
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Why I upgraded
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