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I actually like the new OS . . .

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    Yeah, sorry about that. I brought up those other monitors, but strictly in the context that they were IPS displays and going to IPS was a good idea. I didn't intend for them to be mistaken as touch screen displays.

    So, I'm the type who hates fingerprints on my phone and my tablet. I would assume that fingerprints all over the monitor would drive me nuts too. Anybody else have these concerns with a touchscreen monitor...has has it been for you.

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    those other monitors are great as well. IPS is still beautiful.

    But I kept reading in article after article how people would comment that they just got a great large monitor for $150 or $200. But you tell them, "that's not IPS or touch". They just don't know. They gasp at an IPS, capacitive touch 23" display costing $500 and think it should cost $180.

    don't I wish it was $180.
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    Yeah, I always loved those people who spend like $200 on their CPU coolers and case fans, but want to spend the absolute least amount of cash possible on their monitor. It's the thing that you look at and have to see every second that you are using your computer...why would anybody skimp out there. ?But sooooo many people do.

    Most hardcore gamers will complaint that refresh rates are way too low on an IPS...but yet they have never tried an IPS before or have any first hand experience as to whether it's going to be a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyvu View Post
    I wouldn't say 27" is too big. For one of my dad's PCs, he has a 47" HDTV. On his desk. It's pretty amazing actually.
    47" TV as a pita resolution aside it's not good when it's close

    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    Yeah, I always loved those people who spend like $200 on their CPU coolers and case fans, but want to spend the absolute least amount of cash possible on their monitor.
    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    they don't understand the importance of the Monitor as a direct contact between the user and the PC, they don't value their vision too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mwhals View Post
    Get the new Logitech touch pad as it is better ergonomically and adds touch. You can use a mouse for moving around.
    I'm using the Microsoft Touch mouse with Windows 8 and it's really good, ironically the gestures are great but the button pressure required to click the regular buttons is annoying. I want to get the new Logitech Touch mouse and try that although that touch pad seems interesting too.
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    I do not have a large monitor, touch or otherwise. Nor do I particularly desire one.

    This laptop has an 18.4" HD screen, which is more than adequate (1920x1024).

    The other laptop has a 15" screen @ 1366x768, also adequate.

    Desktop has a 17" LCD monitor @ 1280x1024, again adequate.

    If I need something larger, well there's always my 26" LCD telly @ 1366x768.

    And I'm with pparks, fingerprints, dust and smudges on my screen drive me totally 'beresk'.
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    I went to a 23" monitor a few years ago when Win 7 first came out. My reason was that I loved the "snap" capability and use it almost every day for one reason or another. With a 23" screen and "snap", it's almost like having two separate monitors.

    Regarding fingerprints, smudges, etc., I don't like them either. I picked up a large microfiber cloth this weekend. With a very slightly dampened corner of the cloth, I'm able to clean the monitor in less than a minute. Seems like doing this about once a week should keep the monitor looking pretty good.
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    I finally got time to play on my dad's PC to check out the Acer monitor. It's pretty amazing.

    The only negative I see is the integrated speakers are really low quality. Maybe the equivalent of $15 computer speakers. If you turn up the volume too high, you get plenty of distortion. But it does let you have a clean desk with no speakers.

    I messed up the Windows 8 gestures by going to the touch calibration in the control panel. After calibrating the screen, none of the swipes worked anymore. Resetting the calibration back to default restored the touch functionality. So for those out there with this monitor, don't mess with the touch settings unless you absolutely have to. I'm so used to adjusting these settings because I have an old TabletPC.

    Tomel, do you know how far I can angle the arm? It apparently clicks in specific intervals and it's so stiff. I kept apply pressure and pressure and all of a sudden it click into the next interval. I'm afraid of tilting it too much out of risk of snapping the arm off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    This laptop has an 18.4" HD screen, which is more than adequate (1920x1024).
    That's an unusual resolution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    If you place your 23" at good viewing distance, you will develop and shoulder problem in no time. The mouse carpal tunnel syndrome is nothing compare of what will happen to peoples using medium to large touch monitors and Windows 8, Windows 8 represent a serious health hazard on Touchscreen desktop monitor. I will not be surprise if Microsoft pay the price one day.
    I've always wondered, have you used a touch screen in a normal usage scenario with a desktop?
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I actually like the new OS . . .
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