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They definitely should not discontinue it. They could be working on marketing their media department a bit more. They should be updating it with both metro and desktop updates. Adding new features and reworking the look of it. I'm sure there are changes but probably not big enough for an update that was this long apart. They focus so much effort on bing which is nice but media is also important. I mean for most casual users it's basically internet/media consumption. It's great they've done their best with xbox but what about music/video/other media? There are definitely a lot of other players but most casual users will not be searching online for another media player. If they create a convincing program they will definitely be able to reel in users and such. It's a missed opportunity for them. Not everyone is going to be using the metro. Even if I got a windows 8 I would spend all my time on the desktop because that's how I do my work. I would not be using a metro media player because it's just awkward unless I'm in the metro touch side of things. They need to rework things so that there is a program that is used on the desktop and on the tablet but built with those different interfaces in mind.
One thing is clear, and that is, Microsoft does not think the way you do. The HTPC is a failed experiment in their eye, and Xbox in the living room and touch devices for everything else are the future. Nothing would be more surprising than for Microsoft to revive Media Center or something like it (10' interface, CableCARD support, etc) at this point. It's almost unimaginable. I say that as a Media Center user for DVR since 2006 and CableCARD since 2011.