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Hilarious Video - Mother attempts to use windows 8 for the first time

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    Hilarious Video - Mother attempts to use windows 8 for the first time

    Watch in 720p - Read Below first before watching video: A mother struggles to use windows 8 for the first time - YouTube

    Windows 8 has just been released but how will users react when they encounter it for the first time? Check out how a mother who is attached to windows xp responds when she attempts using windows 8 for the first time. Give her the most simplest of tasks and watch her struggle in frustration to complete them... well try to anyway before she literally slams the door on windows 8 at the end of the video.

    Tasks Given:
    - Log in (Already told how to log in)
    - Check your emails without using an internet browser
    - Get out of mail back to the apps screen
    - Check the weather
    - Make, save then open a text file
    - Download and Install firefox

    The mother in this video has only ever used Windows XP running with the classic win95 theme. Would you like to see her try out other operating systems such as windows 1.01 or windows 3.11? How about non-microsoft operating systems such as various mac os versions throughout history or a variety of Linux builds?

    Give this video lots of likes, views, favorites and comments if you want my mum to try out other operating systems. I am open to any operating system suggestions you give especially if this video goes semi-viral (over 100,000 views). This channel is dedicated to me "introducing" people (mum, dad, me) to different operating systems they have never used before and leaving them to suffer in confusion.

    Random Quotes for those who can't watch the video:

    The mail application:

    Me: Try and check your emails without using an internet browser. So no firefox, no Chrome.
    Mum: Mail, Probably.
    *Clicks Mail App*
    Me: There's your emails.
    Mum: Ok Good, Now get out of it.
    Me: How do you do that?
    Mum: Um...
    *Angrily clicks around the screen for a minute trying to quit the appication but instead deletes an email.
    Mum: How do you get out of this thing? Do you roll something? Oh this is rediculous! Cnrl, alt delete? I don't know how to get out of it... what are you supposed to do?
    Me: So this is what a computer user would do (holding back a laugh)
    Mum: I don't know, I would just cnrl, alt delete. There's no options, its lost its options. What do you do?
    Me: Try and put your cursor to the corner of a screen.
    *Puts cursor to the top right corner of the screen, side bar with 5 buttons appears*
    Me: What do you notice? What's there?
    Mum: Symbols. I don't know what those symbols are. It looks like hieroglyphics.

    Review of the new start/grid screen:

    Mum: This looks cartoonish. It doesn't even look like an improvement on the last one. It looks like its going back to the start.
    Me: What year does it look like?
    Mum: It looks like the first one ever and all the others (operating systems) have been and improvement on this (windows 8).

    Don't know how to download firefox:

    Me: Seriously you don't know how to download a program?
    Mum: But I've already got it on my computer. Why would I want to download it?
    Me: Because you install Windows 8 on your computer on and you don't have Firefox.
    Mum: I would never be stupid as to install windows 8 on my computer. After looking at it now its just stupidity.
    Me: Well try and get it, Firefox.
    Mum: But I don't want to! I want to walk back to my room and have my own computer.

    So, Want to update your computer to windows 8?:
    Me: If they said we're gonna install it on your computer. If you don't have it installed you've got to pay a fine of $100. Would you pay the $100?
    Mum: Pay the fine of 100 Dollars. I've had enough of it.
    Me: And How much do you think they are saying that it costs to buy windows 8?
    Mum: They should pay people for it.

    What's the Best operating system:
    Me: So what operating system do you prefer to use?
    Mum: The one I'm used to.
    Me: Well what is that?
    Mum: Windows 7, That will do.
    Me: You don't even use windows 7
    Mum: What do I use?
    Me: *Laughs* Seriously you should know what you use!
    Mum: Vista
    Me: You don't, You hate vista.
    Mum: Well what do I use then?
    Me: The thing before vista.
    Mum: XP
    Me: Yes XP
    Mum: Well that's fine, just stay with the XP.
    Me: 2001
    Mum: It doesn't matter. I'm used to it. I know what to do and thats it!
    *slams the door on windows 8*

    Leave comments relating to how my mum responded to windows 8 in this video or if it compares to your own first experience with windows 8.

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    Funny and all, but the fact of the matter is, he's asking her to do things she doesn't know how to do on her own computer. Not exactly a fair review, is it?

    Once she learned how to open the start menu, she got the hang of it fast. Yes, the first time someone use Windows 8, they need a little bit of knowledge. But this happens once, and once they know it, it's not an issue anymore.
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    What's the point of these type of videos? If you sat someone down in front of a computer running XP, OS X, Linux or whatever and told them to start using it they would have a similar experience.
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Hilarious Video - Mother attempts to use windows 8 for the first time
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