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Windows 8, Back to Windows 7 ?

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    Windows 8, Back to Windows 7 ?

    Hi, Thinking of getting Win 8 pro upgrade from MS (offer), but if I don't like it, is it easy to revert back to
    Win 7 without having to reinstall W7.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Hello Bloxboy. Welcome to the Eight Forums.

    My immediate response is NO.
    IMO, my suggestion, is to install 8 on a separate HDD. (I would disconnect the Windows 7 HDD)
    Work with an empty HDD with unallocated space. No dual booting. No VM. Do not install on top of 7.
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    Or you can make a restore image on a spare HD, this is what I did, and yesterday I was very close to bring back Windows 7.
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    I'm dual booting on my I can always jump to 7 if and when needed. I also have my desktop which will stay with windows 7.
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    Windows 7 Home 64 bit

    Thanks Guys for the feedback, but I thought the version of Win 8 pro from MS offer (25), is only an upgrade, to install on top of
    Win 7, and you can't install it as a stand alone, please correct me if I am wrong, because if you can, I would like to go with the dual
    boot optioln, also it true you cannot playback dvd's with Win 8, or is there a workaround.

    Thanks Again.
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    When going through the options of installing, there is an option to install from media, (iso, usb). Click that, it will burn the iso and with that you can do a clean install. It's what I did.
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Windows 8, Back to Windows 7 ?
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