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Slow Copy-Paste on Windows 8 (SSD using) Please help !

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    Slow Copy-Paste on Windows 8 (SSD using) Please help !

    So, i've noticed some strange thing, and Windows 7 doesn't have this issue.

    I'm using a Intel 520 SSD (the ssd has all OK SMART, almost empty, and no background programs running).

    For example when i copy-paste a small folder on the SAME SSD but on different locations, let's say 50mb, (or some files 50-70-30mb) everytime i see the copy window appearing, says copying, etc.

    And on Windows 7 on the same files copy-paste, that procedure was instant, no window appearing that says copying.

    And even a 360kb file opens the copying window. I have a 3770k 4.5ghz, 8gb ram, 680gtx.

    So it's related to Windows 8, due to no updates to improve performance ?

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    I've also noticed slow copy & pasting files in Win 8, both SSD & HDD. No solution yet.
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    Have you run the WEI score in PC info?

    It sets some flags in the reg fro SSD's
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    Aramil, what exactly do you mean red flags? Something that intentionally slows things down? Is there a reset? (Or just clear the WEI?)
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    No you have to run the score to get windows to mark certain features active that's all.

    I was just making sure that was not your issue.

    Have you loaded up to date sata drivers for your system.
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    I have the same problem. It can also happen though when I copy from USB drive to SSD (there is chance it's fast sometimes). I am speaking about larger files of course. Anything new on this?

    If you Google for it, there are a "lot" of people with the same behavior (slow copy&paste under Windows 8 with an SSD). For example here: Windows 8 slow copy-paste ? (SSD)
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    What AV program are you using?

    AV programs love to slow down file copy operations.

    Obviously they should scan any new files that you try to copy to your PC.
    They shouldn't interfere if you are moving pre-existing files around.
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    I thought that too, so I deactivated my AntiVirus for testing, didn't change anything. Here's a gif showing the problem, though it can happen it slows down even more.

    Click image for larger version
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    How often do you Optimize the drive? I have a Seagate drive which is part SSD, and I use Raxco Perfect Disk to manage it. It is very fast to say the least.

    You can download a free trial of Perfect Disk to see if it works, I'll bet you need optimization badly.
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Slow Copy-Paste on Windows 8 (SSD using) Please help !
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