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    I hate having to fix this thing by adding my own "start button".

    It also irks me that they "took" all of the old games. I know I can get them from the store but they are not the same.... Even when I find them on my back-up drive they won't run.

    Why can't you use the cursor to slide pages like you can the fingers on a touch screen?? Only been at it a day, but I'm sure I'll find more I don't like.

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    I also would have loved to be able to hold down my thumb button on my mouse (works the same as middle mouse button) and just swipe to move the screen, but after a day the scrolling of the mouse is comfortable enough. It still feels odd and I don't like the way that it's laid out.

    If I went to a website and had to scroll sideways to see all the content I would leave immediately, yet Microsoft has seen fit to make me scroll sideways on the start menu and all apps menu using a mouse wheel. Let's face it for years we've been trained that rolling the mouse wheel down means the page we are looking at scrolls down, scroll the wheel up and the page moves up.

    But now they've gone and made it so that scrolling the wheel down moves the start menu to the left, and scrolling the wheel up moves the menu to the right. It's like they tried too hard to invent a new wheel. It would have felt far more natural to me to have everything laid out in an up - down format instead of this side to side menu for me.

    I've got dual monitors on all the time, side by side, why doesn't the start menu simply expand onto my second monitor instead of making me scroll? I really don't "get it" on what Microsoft was thinking with this new way of doing things on the computer. It's like they tried to hard to break away from the way it's always worked and flubbed hard. Like they changed things just for the sake of changing things without actually thinking things all the way through. Just my opinion, I'm sure there are many that absolutely adore Windows 8, I'm just not currently one of them, though I hope eventually that I will be.
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    My Metro Start menu will slide left and right if I move my cursor to the extreme edge of the screen. I'm using a trackball so if I roll the ball left the screen scrolls left once the cursor hits the left screen edge. It's not ideal but it works. IMHO if you don't have a touch screen using a keyboard and mouse ends up being a compromise. And a poor one at that.
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