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Windows 8 Basic QUESTION Help!

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    Windows 8 Basic QUESTION Help!

    I'm buying a new desktop tomorrow & sadly it's 8!

    I'm pretty happy with it, whatever I don't mind.

    But it doesn't tell me what Windows 8 is it? (Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Or RT)

    I'M GUESSING It's the basic WINDOWS 8! Just Windows 8!

    Also I don't mind but just a question with this basic windows 8

    WILL I BE ABLE TO INSTALL/USE/RUN other windows xp/vista/7 programs LIKE


    and things like that.


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    Computers in the store, Desktops and Laptops are more or less running Windows 8 standard. Only the surface tablets are running RT.

    Yes, you can install your normal software on regular Windows 8. Yes, you will have a desktop on any of the versions of Windows 8 and RT.
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    Alright perfect!

    So firefox, mediamonkey, windows media player, etc all works?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    It would help if you told us what computer it is. What model, the manufacturer, what type.. etc..
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    Asus - Essentio Desktop - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive
    Model: CM1745-05 | SKU: 6699853

    It suits my needs & what not.

    Also what's this app store built in windows 8?

    I don't get it? i dont want to buy those apps or whatever?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    That's Windows 8 (not pro, not RT). You don't have to buy any apps you don't want to. Many apps are free. Just like in an iPhone or Android phone.
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    Thanks Mystere, but would I be able to install windows xp/vista/7 programs? aka: filezilla, firefox, thunderbird, world of warcraft, dreamweaver ?
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    Windows 8 Pro

    All your programs will work. Some might need Win 8 updates.

    Personally, you could build a better PC for a bit less. I'd take an i3 over an APU anyday, the CPU side of the APU's are still poor. Also, no SSD which I'd say is essential in 2012.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ivy8 View Post
    All your programs will work. Some might need Win 8 updates.

    Personally, you could build a better PC for a bit less. I'd take an i3 over an APU anyday, the CPU side of the APU's are still poor. Also, no SSD which I'd say is essential in 2012.
    Agree on the APU those are really just for the.AND fanboys.

    With the massive boot speed increase of Windows 8, I don't find SSD drives to be as beneficial as they were before. They are nice, but I still can't bring myself to recommend them in all scenarios.
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Windows 8 Basic QUESTION Help!
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