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How do I delete something off the "all apps" screen?

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    How do I delete something off the "all apps" screen?

    There is an item listed on my all apps screen that does not even exist on my hard drive anymore. How do I go about removing it from the all apps screen?

    For that matter, how do I go about organizing my all apps screen to my own preference?


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    Right click on the item and choose uninstall.

    You can't reorder the all apps, it's always in alphabetical order.
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    It's already uninstalled, the item doesn't even exist on the hard drive anymore. When I try to go to it's location, Windows pops up an error telling me it's not available at that location or may have been moved. But it persists on my "all apps" screen.

    So how do i get rid of it now?
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    Since you are saying you are trying to go to its location then it must be a desktop application and not a Metro App? I'm making an assumption because with an App you don't get the option to go to its location. Check the following path in Windows Explorer to see if the shortcut still resides there:

    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
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    No, it's not listed there, but now it's also gone from the all apps menu.

    It's like it took a couple hours for the all apps menu to get refreshed and finally figure out that it no longer existed and finally remove it.

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How do I delete something off the "all apps" screen?
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