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Repositioning Start Screen Tile Groups

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    Repositioning Start Screen Tile Groups

    I'm using an eyefinity setup that makes three monitors appear as one 5292 x1050 resolution monitor. I would like the tile group positions to default to the center of the screens. Right now the tile groups are positioned to the far left of the left monitor. Is there anyway to get the tile groups to stay more to the center of the available screen space so I don't have to keep looking to far left all the time? I'd also like to know if there's a way to add space between tile groups. The bezel compensation eyefinity feature is causing some rows of tiles to get covered up. I've been searching web sites, forums, and help sections without much luck. Are there any settings for this or registry hacks I don't know about?

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    Hello endmilled, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Sorry, but no. You will only be able to arrange apps in groups horizontally from left to right and not vertically on the Start screen.

    Start Screen Apps - Organize into Groups
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    Thanks for the welcome to the forum. It's been quite helpful so far, and I'm sure that will continue.

    Sorry to hear about the lack of customization options. During my search I've read lots of complaints about the new way of the Windows world. Most of the issues I hear don't matter so much. I'm always willing give things a go and adapt to new methods. However, more options than very basic customization on the start screen would sure be helpful. Right now I have to reconfigure monitor settings depending on what applications I'm working with at the time. If I left it setup in the 5292x1050 configuration I use the most and prefer, nothing on the start screen is in a good spot. Using it is like watching a tennis match. Hopefully more options will be added later.
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    This is no different than it would be under Windows 7 with eyefinity. The start menu would be all the way on the left, and there wouldn't be anything you could do about it.

    The whole point of Eyefinity is to make it one stretched desktop. If you don't want that, why would you do it?
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    True. I was hoping to use this new start screen as more of a desktop. I was under the impression that's where Microsoft was pushing us anyway. In the classic desktop I can place program icons anywhere on the desktop I want. My icons were always on the center monitor in Windows 7, and are again in Windows 8 desktop mode. It did bug me that you couldn't relocate the old start menu in 7 to a different location on the taskbar, but that's not a problem anymore I guess. I don't mind using these new start screen tiles (if they could be smaller like the old icons, that would be nice), but it would be more helpful if there was a "front and center" option for them instead of only "align left".
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    Windows 8 still allows you to put icons on the desktop, just as with Windows 7. As such, it's no different.

    The start screen is no different than the old start menu. It's not a desktop.
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    I only came here to find out if there was a way to set the default position of the start screen tile groups to the center of the screen.

    I am aware that the start screen is a replacement for the start menu. As stated, I do use icons on my Windows 8 classic desktop. I didn't mean to imply that I thought the start screen was a desktop. It just seems that Microsoft is trying to push people away from the classic desktop environment. With the way the Windows Store Apps function, it's easy to see that. I have no problem with it.

    If more options to customize the start screen layout come around, I'll be very happy. If not, I'll adjust.
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    yeah, I don't get what this "classic" desktop is. you have the desktop and the start screen.

    it seems like people want to call it classic like classic coke and new coke. it's not even a "classic" desktop because it doesn't quite behave the same as the desktop in Windows 7 and other desktops.
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Repositioning Start Screen Tile Groups
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