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What version is right for me

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    What version is right for me

    I use my PC for primarily gaming. I am reluctant to switching over to 8 completely in fear that hardly any of my games will be compatible. However i do want to use my favorite company's new product. So, I would like to dual boot. Do i have to buy the full product that costs over $150 or can i just buy the upgrade version and be able to dual boot with that.
    Project F/A-18:
    Sabortooth 990FX motherboard
    2 evga 570's running Sli
    32 GB ram
    1200 watt power supply
    2 TB hard drive
    Cooler master HAFX case with fighter pilot power switch, fighter pilot fan switch board, and nzxt fan speed controller and temperate reader.
    H100 corsair liquid cooling
    LG blu-ray burner
    AMD 8 core FX-8350 processor oc'd to 4.82ghz

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version

    Just sharing my rig

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    Thanks for the sharing.

    Puts mine to shame.

    I don't do gaming.

    You are supposed to give up a qualifying windows license to get the upgrade.

    They don't seem to make any effort to ensure you do. They leave it to your honour it seems.

    Do you have another windows license you could sacrifice - I think anything from XP or newer.

    Not clear to me if you are supposed to install your xp to another partition - then give it up and format the xp partition.
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What version is right for me
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