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Windows 8 First Impressions

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    Actually, once you "fix it", it's just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rialcnis View Post
    I remember all those people bragging they build there own PCs, when Vista came out and new hardware was really having problems. I remember the anguish people experienced after building killer machines and having so many RMA's to deal with especially when they were building them for clients. painful.
    I barely never RMA thing, ( aside HD, because dump peoples in warehouse damage them) peoples who RMA as just noob who don't know how to build a PC , I have a EE degree , so I learn how to work, this is way different from a computer store that hire minimum wages salaries kids to build PCs. I close my 3 stores 6 years ago, for family reason but at the time even with 7 to 9 tech, I was the only one to build the PCs, I let the install the OS after. I builds PC since 30 years and every time it's like if I open a Xmas gift. My customers feel this love I have to build PCs,
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    Quote Originally Posted by area 66 View Post
    I barely never RMA thing, ( aside HD, because dump peoples in warehouse damage them) peoples who RMA as just noob who don't know how to build a PC
    I've RMA'd loads of stuff for the 1000's of PC's I've built over the does that mean I'm some dumb assed noob?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nesetceri View Post
    I honestly think Microsoft has run out of ideas.. every couple of years they are coming out with a new Windows in order to keep hundreds of their people in employment and make billions in profit "The wheel is still the same shape after thousand of years" so Windows is still Windows what ever you call it.
    As you said, the wheel is still round. Sometimes technology matures and there is no need to change it much. Cars still use steering wheels to guide them. The steering wheel has changed over time but it is still recognizable for what it is.

    The gun hasn't changed much in over 100 hundred years. Metallic cartridges are still with us, despite attempts to promote caseless cartridges. The trigger still actuates the firearm. Sure we've gone from falling block to bolt action to gas operated semi/full auto but not much has changed in that regard since 1960.

    Screwdrivers are still screwdrivers, hammers are still hammers.

    Remember the "kneeling chair"? Earth shoes? Both were ideas that were supposed to revolutionize their worlds and, after a short while, disappeared because the market realized that they silly.

    It will entertain your kids for hours.
    Entertain my kids? Kids should be outside running and jumping and playing football/baseball/basketball/tag/oppressive European invaders and indigenous Americans not sitting at a computer developing carpal tunnel syndrome and myopia.
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    [QUOTE=area 66;142448]
    Quote Originally Posted by rialcnis View Post
    I builds PC since 30 years and every time it's like if I open a Xmas gift. My customers feel this love I have to build PCs,
    My 15 year old son figured out how to build his own PC, it's not that difficult.
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    RMAs: sometimes stuff just doesn't work. Sometimes what you were sold is not what was advertised. I recently bought what I thought was a certain kind of monitor. It was advertised as "Manufacturer X" and "Product Number Y" but when it arrived it was just a COMPONENT of that monitor, and not a complete monitor by any stretch of the imagination. As a result of the hassle I went through just to get the attention of the seller (a company, not an individual) just to have them issue me an RMA, I will never do business with them again. You have one chance to make a first impression: in this case not only the first impression, but subsequent dealings with them on this issue, made it clear that this place is run by a bunch of idiots.

    The good news is that in the long run I found what I wanted on eBay and bought it from a very cordial individual. The new (used) monitor is complete, in place, and working perfectly.

    I don't build PCs but I have done enough work with computer hardware components to know that sometimes things just don't work. A few weeks ago we had to return an HBA card that was defective. Tell me how that means we did something wrong: we went through all the troubleshooting steps to isolate the cause, and concluded that it could only be a defective HBA card. When we installed the replacement it worked perfectly and we didn't change anything else.

    Maybe you've just been lucky, area66.
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    Quote Originally Posted by electrotune1200 View Post
    OK... First impressions were, what the ....? I bought 8 on a whim. I knew absolutely nothing about it, ignored the reviews and everything about it. Being occupied by Android made this easy. The only thing that I actually knew about 8 was the removal of the start orb.

    After a few days of frustrations... It really started to grow on me. Found myself getting around somewhat efficiently, and really started looking into commands and shortcuts to use Windows differently than I've ever used it.

    I find the OS rock stable, and for myself personally, heaps more stable than 7. The Windows Explorer refresh bug that I could never get to go away slightly tarnished my 7 experience.

    Why do I feel Microsoft is heading in the right direction?..... People are talking about it. Whether they love or despise the way MS has gone. Over time people will figure it out, and adapt to it.

    What it all comes down to in my opinion are the people that enjoy a new learning curve, looking for new challenges are going to embrace 8. The people that just want familiarity, are going to put up a fight.

    The learning curve is surely not much of an issue for most these days, given how long Windows has been around, but I'm not a software developer, but even I could have come up with a far better idea to replace the 'Start Menu' than these grotesque, badly designed, ill fitting, none working crap tiles. At least get everything working before release, Microsoft have lost their way, no one will ever convince me otherwise.............
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    What we know Microsoft ripped out to slim the OS to accommodate Metro!

    1) Aero

    2) Start Menu

    3) Media Center

    4) Microsoft Games Center

    5) DVD Playback

    6) DVD Maker

    7) Windows Briefcase

    8) Windows Backup & Restore

    9) Flip 3D

    0) Desktop Gadgets

    That's what we know, I'm sure there will be more that will come to light. When I moved from Vista to Win7, I missed the Windows Calendar and Mail client, so had to port these two, but this time round I have quiet a list to port, having said that, the most important was getting the Win7 start menu back, that was achieved with ex7forW8, the Microsoft Games pack, was achieved by Microsoft Games for Windows 8, Media center was downloaded free (Win8Pro) from Microsoft. I'm told that Aero is on it's way, thanks to some Japanese developer, can't come soon enough, by the time I've got Win8 sorted, what will I have got, simply Windows 7, the time surely is at hand for a credible Linux version, to bury this farce from Microsoft, that day can't come soon enough, in the mean time I will stick with Windows 7, unless of course Microsoft put their brain in gear for Win9!..........

    PS: I also look forward to the day someone comes up with a program to remove the Metro crap!.........
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    You are wrong on about half of that stuff.

    First, Media Center is still available, it's just an add-on. Second, the games were moved to Metro, and there are are a lot more of them now, and of better quality. Windows briefcase is still there, it's just disabled by default. You can re-enable it with a registry hack.

    How to restore the missing Briefcase feature in Windows 8 RTM | Winaero

    Fourth, Backup and restore is still there, I use it every day.

    Fifth, desktop gadgets were removed from Windows 7 long ago, for security reasons.
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    Yeah but MC is a for charge item as of 2013, that doesn;t count.

    Games replaced by things that are not terribly usable. NO ONE wants to play minesweeper full screen on a 24in monitor.

    Gadgets were removed because they competed with live tiles, "Security" was just a convenient excuse to get rid of them.

    Features that require a registry hack to get back aren;t much better than ones that require an installer to get back. It was effectively removed as far as most people will know.

    He got most of them right.

    Then add to that an ad laden phablet interface and the negatives keep piling up...
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Windows 8 First Impressions
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