Hi to All,

Well I installed the Windows 8 Preview on a SSD drive and played with it on and off for a few months but just couldn't get into it. Some features were cool but most was a puzzle. Guess I didn't want to leave Windows 7 which is the best of all the releases.
But for the special offer I couldn't refuse and decided to take the upgrade plunge. What's the worst could happen...I would have to reformat and install 7 again.
I have only had Windows 8 Pro installed over 7 for a few days now and am quite pleased how smooth it is working out for me. No problems yet so that's a plus. My desktop functions the same as before other then the Start Button which I haven't missed much to be honest.
I read here many are skeptical about the upgrade and the more they read the more they are confused about it.
I would just like to say that I think I made the right move and just hope that the updates and patches to come over time don't ruin this operating system for us.