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How come I canít make Windows 8 display 2 apps at the same time?

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    How come I canít make Windows 8 display 2 apps at the same time?

    I have 2 large computer screens and they are extended.

    With Windows 7 I could watch the news in one window, be chatting on Skype in another window, be viewing pictures in another window, be shopping for products in another window, be reading reviews in another window, be sending emails in another window and be writing a letter in word and have my calculator running all at the same time.

    I could cut and paste and drag and drop stuff all over the place.

    Every time I fire up an app in windows 8 it takes up one full screen and I canít see the other things I am doing.

    Has Windows 8 lost the windows?

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    I never knew boulders could make such comfortable abodes...

    that being said, the Desktop is still there.
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    I still see a lot of windows on my system... O_o
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    What is a "snap feature" ?
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    Windows 8 extends the concept of "aero snap" that was in Windows 7 (where you could snap a window to one half of the screen and a second window to the other half). The original feature that was in Windows 7 has carried over to the Desktop on Windows 8. In addition, you can do this with the Modern UI as well, albeit in a different manner. What will happen with the Modern UI is that the screen gets divided into a 75% region and a 25% region. You can, therefore, snap two Modern UI apps to the sides of your display: one to the 75% region and one to the 25% region. Alternatively, you can snap a Modern UI app to one portion and have the Desktop open in the other (which is pretty nice on a larger, widescreen display).
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How come I canít make Windows 8 display 2 apps at the same time?
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