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Task Scheduler Issues

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    Task Scheduler Issues

    Hey guys, sorry to start my first post with a question, but I've looked and don't see the answer anywhere.

    I'll try and be as concise as I can be.

    Installed speedfan, set it up and all works good. Put a link to it into the startup folder so the program would auto run at startup.

    This didn't work, so I removed the link and went into task scheduler and added a task to launch speedfan on startup (regardless of whether user is logged on)

    The problem is, that even after rebooting, the task doesn't launch.

    Now the chances are I'm being stupid and missing something obvious, so if any of you kind gents (and ladies of course) can help out, it would be much appreciated.

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    If speedfan is a GUI app, it can't run without a logged in user, so setting to start without anyone logged in will cause it to fail to initialize.
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    I'll switch it to only run when user is logged in and report back (thought I had done that though)
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    Hello Guys,
    I would like to tell you a problem I have with the task scheduler.
    I have several different tasks running in the night. Normally the sequence of a task is as follows:
    - Task triggered on scheduler
    - Task Engine received message to start task
    - Task started
    - Action started
    - Created task Process
    - Action Completed
    - Task Completed

    During this night I had several tasks running in this sequence:
    - 30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Task triggered on scheduler
    - 30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Task Engine received message to start task
    - 30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Task started
    - 30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Action started
    - 30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Created task Process
    - 30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Task triggered on scheduler
    30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Launch reqeuest ignored, instance already running
    30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Task start failed
    - 30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Action Completed
    - 30-1-2015 2:00:00 - Task Completed

    I don't understand why the scheduler is triggered to start a new task in the same second he already started. I didn't change something in the settings.
    Thanks anybody who can help in this.
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