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Windows 8 Looks great but....

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    Windows 8 Looks great but....

    Hi Guys,

    I've already read some great stuff on here that has helped me come to terms with Win 8 Pro.

    I've just installed it on Desktop and for me most people seem to have the same reluctance that followed other major Windows Updates. I feel it's just a case of getting to grips with the new appearance as much as anything.

    I'm already starting to like it.......

    Advice needed though on the following:

    Where can I find a Help/User Guide. I just want to do some simple stuff like locking the location of my tiles. At the mo when I add a new one the others move around at random to make space for it. I'm a tidy person and want my tiles that I use most right in front of me.

    Is there a central location for apps, where I can browse and select ones that might benefit my PC usage.

    Finally I had to take off my ESET Anti Virus because it seemed to be conflicting big time after I upgraded from Win 7 (I couldn't access the Internet). I think I read somewhere that Win 8 Pro had a very good built in Anti V. Is this true and if so where can I find info.

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

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    As far as I know you can't lock the tile location. And as you have discovered moving them around and organizing them can be a royal pain. You can Pin and unpin Apps from the Metro screen so only your most used Apps are on the main screen. Right clicking the Metro screen will get you an all apps option at the bottom of the screen. All installed apps will show up there. To get more go to the store by launching the store app. While on the Metro screen just type help and the search feature will launch. Moussing to the lower right corner of the screen will bring up the charms bar, and there is a search option there. Windows 8 comes with Microsoft Security Essentials/Defender pre installed. You should see an Icon for it in control panel.
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    First of all, welcome to windows eight forum.

    As for the Help/User Guide: Windows 8 already comes with Windows Help and Support. Also for the locking of tiles, i think once you place it in a spot, it shouldn't move unless you move it yourself.

    As for the central location for app, not really sure Task Manager might be able to help.

    Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender, which was Microsoft Security Essential in windows 7. In Windows 8 Windows Defender acts like an Anti-Virus software, which is pretty neat, since for those who don't want to spend money on an AV Software, they can just use Windows Defender.
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    If you have a paid license with ESET and you'd prefer to keep using it, Windows Defender should disable itself but if you're having an issue, you can always try to disable it.

    1. Press the Windows Key, start typing word Defender & click "Windows Defender"
    2. Go to Settings >> Administrator and uncheck the option "Turn on Windows Defender"
    3. Now press the Windows Key and type Services without quotes. Click on "Services"
    4. In this windows find two services named Windows Defender Service and Windows Defender Network Inspection service.Right click on each one and select “Properties” and select Start up Type : “Disabled” and finally press apply.
    5. Go to the Program Files, select the Windows Defender folder and rename the folder to any name like “Windows Defender old”

    If this doesn't work, I'd recommend creating a SysInspector Log and submitting it to ESET Customer Care.
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    If you right-click on the start screen, at the bottom will be an "all apps" button. That will show all your installed apps. If you scroll to the right, you'll see the programs and its associated shortcuts, like in Windows 7 where you have Microsoft Office and then a bunch of shortcuts nested within it.

    If you install a ton of programs, as you know, the new tiles are placed on the right side of the screen. If you want to quickly move them to the left side of the screen (the front of the start screen), click and hold on the tile that you want to move and then drag the tile to the bottom of the screen. This will zoom out so you can quickly move to the other side of the start screen. Then drag the tile back up to zoom back in and drop the tile where you want.

    Windows Defender is the antivirus/malware app that comes with Windows. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security is your firewall. You can see them in your "all apps" screen. Or once you hit the start screen, start typing "windows defender" or "windows firewall" (or just defender or firewall). The search function will sort them into "settings" on the right side of the screen.
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    Hello skewett. Welcome to the Eight Forums.

    These might help. Creating Start Screen groups might help.
    All Apps is the central location for apps. (also right click SS and press enter)
    Start Screen Apps - Organize into Groups
    Start Screen - Name or Rename a Group of Apps in Windows 8
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Windows 8 Looks great but....
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