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Need help with locking down Windows 8 Metro UI

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    Need help with locking down Windows 8 Metro UI

    Hi guys,

    I have got a pc that my whole family use and I've just completed
    a fresh Windows 8 Pro installation.

    I have created 2


    I know that Metro UI cannot
    be disabled and I don't mind keeping it, but surely if I want to be able to lock
    the kids account, so that they don't accidently mess up, I should be able to at
    least stop them from modifying app shortcuts and lockdown the Metro Start

    I currently have loads of apps, such as Admin tools, WinRAR etc.

    If I setup the Metro UI to the apps I want, how do I stop them from
    removing/adding apps or modifying the menu?


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    A) Did you set up their account as a 'standard user', aka requiring your password to do any administrative changes?

    B) I think each account has their own start screen and settings? They may be able to mess around on their own start screen, but they shouldn't be able to do much to affect yours if they aren't given enough admin rights.

    C) You have Windows 8 Pro, so you should have group policy editor. You may be able to lock things down in there.

    D) Make their account a localized account, not a microsoft account. Without being able to input an email and password in the store, they shouldn't be able to install any new apps.
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    Thanks for ur reply.

    a. Yes, it's standard

    b. Yes, but since they can still modify their metro ui..this is where the app shortcuts located, by removing any, they can't add them back. I want to make it read only

    c. Changing start menu settings on GPO makes no difference..Can anyone help me on this?

    d. It's already localised
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    In addition to Lazure's recommendations, Windows 8 also has enhanced Parental controls. It's called Family Safety. Look for it in control panel.
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    Thanks mystere, but family controls does not stop kods from modifying the metro tiles
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    You could see if getting rid of the accursed metro stuff from view completely would help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noobpc View Post
    Thanks mystere, but family controls does not stop kods from modifying the metro tiles
    I said "In addition to" the options outlined, one of those options was to use the group policy editor.
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    @siw2 ~ u can't mate...even wid apps such as start8, I believe that a user can simply press a shortcut key and metro will reappear.

    @mystere ~ gpo seems to have no affect on metro...any ideas why?
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    Hi there
    IMO a better solution would be to have a PC that ONLY the kids use - I certainly wouldn't have a PC shared by kids.

    PC's are cheap enough these days and if you set up Internet connection in such a way that they go through YOUR machine to connect to the internet you could control times the can use the internet, log sites they visit and control the amount of time they are on "Farce book" or You Tube.

    Kids are quite savvy these days so I wouldn't even THINK of letting then use my private PC's.

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Need help with locking down Windows 8 Metro UI
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