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Closing desktop doesn't close Desktop applications?

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    Closing desktop doesn't close Desktop applications?

    Just noticed this and found it kinda annoying. The instance i was in was watching some youtube videos, then i decided i was finished and closed the desktop by dragging down and throwing it away. Firefox was minimized. But i noticed the video was still playing in the background. Is this supposed to be like that? I feel like when i close the desktop it should close any applications related to the desktop. Maybe its just firefox? Gonna test with ie right now.

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    No, this is the correct behavior. When you close the Desktop, you aren't quitting the desktop. What you are closing is the Desktop *VIEWER*. The desktop is still running, it's just the program you use to access it has been closed.

    If you've ever used Remote Desktop, it works the same way. If you close the Remote Desktop window, the apps keep running because you did not quit those apps. Just the viewer that lets you see them.
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    "closing the desktop" to close all desktop apps sounds very dangerous.

    but actually, it's kind of a neat idea. maybe you should submit it to Microsoft. because if you thought this was how things should work, there ought to be others out there doing a similar thing.
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    Yeah I know
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Closing desktop doesn't close Desktop applications?
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