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Computer will not shutdown

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    Computer will not shutdown


    Basically for 2 days I have been attempting to shutdown my
    computer as per normal in Windows 8.

    My Win8 installation was an upgrade on a fully operational Win7
    system with 320gigs of applications and other data.

    Everything about my Win8 installation is operating as expected.
    I uninstalled suggested applications during upgrade to Win8 and have
    reinstalled updated version of those applications (3) so that Win 8
    compatibility is maintained.

    All previous applications, documents etc on the pre-existing Win7
    system are working on the Win 8 installation.

    I have researched this forum and google extensively to find a solution
    to have my computer turnoff as a computer normally does.

    I have even tried a program (StartIsBack) and numerous suggestions
    from this forum included in a Tutorial for creating special shortcuts to
    achieve a normal shutdown. Nothing works!

    My monitor, printer joystick and throttle turn off when I select turnoff
    in Win 8, computer does not and after 15-20 reboots itself and I am then
    again back at the start page within Win 8.

    Any assistance/advice would be appreciated. Naturally a hard shutdown
    by holding button down for 10 seconds works.
    Should I not be able to overcome this problem I will go back to using Win 7
    without any hassles.


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    The only advice we can give you is to do a clean install. Upgrades are problematic. If they work, great. But if they go bad, your only recourse is to install clean.

    Shutdown problems are among the common problems people have when doing an upgrade install.
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    Hello Noels, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    You might see if turning off Fast Startup may help. It's been reported that it has caused restart and shutdown issues with some users.

    Fast Startup - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    Mystere and Brink

    Many thanks for your advice:

    1. I reformatted Win7 approx 3 weeks ago . With the data etc to install
    usually takes 2 days if I concentrate and uninterrupted. Don't really
    want to go down that path as yet.
    Mystere I presume a clean install would be ok if I install Win8 update over a fresh
    clean install of Win7. eg no apps etc?

    2. Brink I tried your suggestion but no go.

    3. I think unless another solution is successful or forthcoming that I revert back to
    Win 7 and on next format (or when I feel like it) install Win 8 if (1 above) is
    how I should proceed. Mystere could you confirm if I understand your "clean
    install correctly.

    Best regards

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    No. Doing an upgrade over a clean install probably won't help (it's possible, but unlikely).

    The problem is the upgrade process itself, and the fact that it tries to keep many settings and drivers from the previous install. Windows 7 drivers may be incompatible with Windows 8.

    If you continue to have problems, you really do need to do a full, clean install.
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    If that is the case what is the purpose of the Win8 pro upgrade version that I
    purchased from MS for $39.99. During the Win 8 update install the only driver that was required
    to be uninstalled was the Intel Network Connections Software. Result was no connection during install
    but I presume driver compatible with Win8 was installed as I have internet connection after Win 8 installed.

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    The purpose was that you paid $39.99 for it rather than purchasing a full version for $199.

    Upgrades are often problematic. This has been the case ever since upgrade installs were created. If they work, great, but if you have problems.. your only solution is a clean install.

    Clean installs are always recommended by anyone that has ever done a few of these. They work in a lot of cases, but when they don't.. they usually go very wrong.
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    I went down the route of installing Win 8 over a freshly installed Win 7.
    Have just finished tweaking and installing all my apps. That leaves another
    140gig of FSX scenery, aircraft and numerous other programs associated with FSX.

    Computer now turns off as it should. Lucky I don't blink to often or I would miss
    startup or shutdown sequences. Super quick.

    thanks again for your advice/assistance.

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    I'm sorry, what does your images have to do with reinstalling? You do know doing a clean install does not delete anything on your computer, right?
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Computer will not shutdown
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