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My Mini Win 8 Review as a desktop user

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fredledingue View Post
    I don't agree. The Start Menu is a completely different thing which has no interaction with the old Start Menu and in fact, it's not replacing it because it's too different. There is no compatibility to keep.

    Proof is that they did a new "Start Menu" later, with system tools (and without programs shortcuts). Why did they bother to do a new "System Menu" that will have to be maintained and kept compatible?
    I have no idea what you mean by "they did a new start menu later". Your comments make no sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fredledingue View Post
    This is valid for any app (save -maybe- Microsoft's apps). It doesn't need to be a Start Menu. A calculator, a word editor or a pdf reader could fail as well. And indeed sometimes softwares, most often drivers fail after an update... How many times did we have the case that stuffs stopped working mysteriousely after an update!
    No. If an app is using a document API, Microsoft guarantees it will keep working (unless they deprecate it, but in those cases they still give several versions notice before removing it).

    If an app uses undocumented functions, there is no such guarantee.

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    About the browser identification, I think we are both right but that none of us is wrong. There is indeed only two ways to actively collect datas about the browser's type and version. However webmaster have developed many tricks to display or not display things accordingly using foreseable uncompatibilities. Nobody on the server side is saying "Ahaaah! He's hasn't got the latest version of his browser, I'm going to show him!". But they can make your browser react as there was. Same with conditional statement. Just more elaborated.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere
    I have no idea what you mean by "they did a new start menu later". Your comments make no sense.
    The menu you can access off the desktop. It was added later. Of course it's not a Start Menu, but a look-alike.
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My Mini Win 8 Review as a desktop user
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