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Multi monitor setup

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    Multi monitor setup

    Greetings, I was anticipating this to be a headache, since it only worked in Win7 by throwing spaghetti at a wall.

    Essentially, I have a dual monitor display. The right monitor is primary, the left is to be used by art programs, movies, games, and other more specialized work (as well as workspace in a large project and running code next to blah blah).

    So, my problem is getting the movies and 3d apps (especially games) to render on the left monitor, but keep all of the main functions on the right one, as it is now.


    A side problem... I don't totally dislike the Start Screen; I think it can be useful putting it up on that left monitor when not in use as a live feed reader when not running a program there, while leaving the right monitor "classic". Any way that is possible?

    Thanks in advance.

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    from seven to eight!

    I have the same configuration, but I play games in the primary display. anyway many games have into their options, the option to choose which monitor to use. The bad thing is that if an application is running full screen on a monitor, you can't move the mouse outside of that monitor, and this is the reason why I run the games windowed (or in a way called windowed-full screen, if available), and in the windowed mode you can of course move the window in the monitor you prefer.

    I also hope the start screen will be allowed to stay opened in the side monitor, while you work on the main one... it would be also nice if you could run 2 metro apps in 2 monitors, now it can uses only one... you can't run mail in the side monitor and the browser in the other, this is quite a bug...
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    Which is why I won't be upgrading from 7 to 8 on my three monitor setup....!! Laptop upgrade went smoothly.
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Multi monitor setup
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